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Amanda's Blog

June 23, 2014

Little Bunny Foo Foo is 8 months!


I get asked all of the time if Valentine has a nickname…well, she has lots of nicknames. ML and I find ourselves calling her bunny, bunny foo foo, baby smurf, little smooch, love muffin, and even Valentina. Our pet names for her go on and on. Mostly, however, we call her Valentine. Her name fits her perfectly. Valentine means strong and healthy. At 8 months and 21.5 pounds of perfection, that is exactly what she is: Strong and Healthy.

Valentine is extremely happy. She loves other people as long as mom and dad are around. She loves her baby sitter Nancy and Nancy’s two children. She loves going to running/triathlon races and watching people, she really loves watching other children. Valentine’s favorite thing to do is to swim! After three lessons Valentine can hold her breath and is learning to float on her back. She amazes me every day with how much she learns.

Valentine has two teeth and she loves showing them off. She is now eating about 20 plus ounces of formula (I stopped breast feeding at 6.5 months), along with fruit (avocados and sweet potatoes are her favorite). We have even tried a little bit of turkey and chicken…which she LOVES. She is a big eater. Her record right now is 6 pouches of food in one sitting.

Valentine is rolling around back to front, front to back. She is trying to crawl without much luck.…

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April 14, 2014

Travel with Valentine Lovato

Arriba!!! #cabo

After Valentine was born, I really wanted to commit myself to writing about how our lives are transforming and how Valentine was changing and growing. Finding the time has been a challenge in itself. I felt inspired and had a few minutes…I wanted to share a few thoughts from the past couple of months.

Michael and I have been busy growing our different businesses. Michael had a job in Cabo this past March announcing-YOU ARE AN IRONMAN and translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish. For those of you who did not know, ML is fluent in Spanish. He has lived and has studied in Mexico and Spain. In his previous life, he was a High School Spanish teacher. Right now we are taking bets to see if Valentine first words will be in English or Spanish. Michael only speaks Spanish to Valentine. (Her sitter is a native Spanish Speaker who only speaks Spanish to her too).

A week in Mexico sounds divine especially if you want to escape snowy and cold Colorado in March. As organized and as structured as I am, I did not really realize what vacationing would be like with a 5 month old. The travel part was easy. Like I said, I am organized and structured. I overpacked diapers, wipes, toys, disinfectant. We carried VL in the baby bjorn bringing with us a plethora of bottles, milk, formula, and of course me…mom as I…

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February 5, 2014

3 plus months with Valentine

Three months...(yesterday)

Somehow I completely missed our 3 month update…

I am now at 15 weeks post-baby and every day I am getting stronger. I am feeling more like my old self and with a little bit of exercise every day, my body is bouncing back. On Christmas day (8 weeks postpartum), I got the only Christmas present I wanted…besides Valentine. I was able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!!! That was worth celebrating…BIG TIME!!!

I started a little bit of exercise at 6 weeks. And I became more regular with it at 8 weeks. Now that I am at 15 weeks, I have time for about an hour of exercise a day, which is more than enough with work and being a mother. I have tried to do a little more exercise than that here and there, but when I do, I find that I am too tired to enjoy Valentine the way that I want to, and I find that my work stuff gets pushed back. Really…I am just a little too tired. The worst part about increased exercise, besides fatigue, is that my milk supply goes down. And I want to be fair to my baby. I can’t imagine if I was training full time and trying to care for my baby. It would just be too much for me.

With the cold weather, I am mostly running (on my treadmill) and doing TRX training at Image…

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December 25, 2013

2013 with the Lovatos

Merry Christmas from the Lovatos!!⛄️❄️

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Please check out our 2013 Family video:

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December 18, 2013

What’s happening at Two Months


Two months old today…What’s new with Valentine?

She recognizes Michael’s and my voice when either of us walks into a room.

She has a big beautiful smile that make me smile.

She LOVES playing on her play mat.

She loves our Christmas tree…especially the lights.

We went up to the mountains this past weekend where Valentine had lots of firsts. She went to her first wedding, and had a great time with Lisa and Emma at a 5 star restaurant, while Michael and I enjoyed some adult time. Valentine also did her first snowshoe endeavor with her dad,which I think Michael enjoyed more than she did! Lastly, and most importantly, she slept in her pack-n-play. I was worried that she wouldn’t like it, but it was perfect! We all had a sleep filled night.

Valentine is now officially the size of Luna. She is a whopping 12.5 pounds of power! At 5 weeks, she outgrew most of her newborn clothing. At eight weeks, she is officially in 3-6 months clothes, but she has even grown out of some of those! She is a healthy little chunk!

She is a sweet, mellow baby. She does have a meltdown every now and the – probably every 5 days to 10 days – just depending on her growth spurts.

She is sleeping a whole 9 hours a night without a dream feed. How did I do it?…

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November 25, 2013

Our 1 Month Update.


I think I have started at least three blogs since giving birth to Valentine over four weeks ago. However, I keep stalling on them because of fatigue or lack of time. To make this blog actually happen, I am going to keep it concise by summarizing the key points from each of my blog drafts.

**Valentine had her 1 month check up last Wednesday. Her stats are as follows: Her weight: 10 pounds 1 oz. Her head circumference: 15 inches and her length is 21 and three quarters inches. She is a big, health, and happy girl who is already noticing everything around her. In fact I got my first smile this past week. It made my last few weeks (which were sometimes difficult!) all worth it!

**While I was relishing in Valentine’s 5hr (straight) sleeps these past  few weeks, I enjoyed my first full 7hrs of sleep last night. It was the best thing since Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

**The SMARTEST thing that I did was making the decision to hire Lisa Waldo as our Doula and Post Partum Doula. (Thank you Cam Delaney for the referral.)  Not only is Lisa helping us now, but she helped us get organized before delivering of our baby, as well as being our advocate in the delivery room. I had a “birth wish list” that I shared with my doctor, nurses, and with Lisa. Luckily, with Lisa’s help…

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November 2, 2013

Valentine Virginia Brooke

Hello Family and Friends!
We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Valentine Virginia Brooke Lovato.  She was named after two of our grandmothers, Virginia Lee Woods (Michael’s grandmother) and Diana Brooke Gillam (Amanda’s grandmother).  Both women were very strong willed and determined individuals who were pioneers during their time. These are characteristics that we both admire and want for our daughter.
The recurring theme of our pregnancy this past ten months has been “strong and healthy” which is the exact meaning of the name Valentine.  In addition to being strong and healthy, we found out we were pregnant on February 14, 2013!  Our daughter’s name signifies many special things to us both.
Valentine was born at 12:43pm on Wednesday October 23rd at Boulder Community Hospital Foothills.  She weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces, and is 19 and 3/4 inches.  She continues to be strong and healthy, and we are falling more in love with her every moment.
We had an incredible team helping us through the delivery process, and special thanks go to our doula Lisa Waldo, our doctor, Heather Bright-Hoffmeyer, and a team of super nurses.
We cannot wait for each of you to meet our precious daughter!
Thank you for your support and love these past several months!
Much Love,
Michael, Amanda, Luna, and Valentine

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October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Lovato-38 weeks!


This week-

**The baby and I are at 38 weeks-looking strong and healthy! We have two weeks to go until we hit our due date.  Michael and I have been debating if she will be a Libra or a Scorpio. She is as big as a pumpkin and I have gained 29lbs so far. In the meantime, Michael continues to lose weight. :/

**Mornings are my favorite part of the day. Luna and I go for a little walk and I get a bit of work done. After 12, I turn my phone off. My energy slips away and I usually nap for 2-plus hrs. Times have already changed. I never took naps in the old days for fear of not being able to sleep at night. Insomnia is not an issue now. In fact every third day or so, I can barely get off of the couch to fetch dinner.

**Comfortwise-some days are better than others. My belly itches like crazy despite the enormous quantities of coco butter, or oils that I put on my stomach. I think I have four different brands of belly butters. However, coco butter seems to be the best and the least expensive so far.

**Michael and I have our fingers and toes crossed that our daughter waits to arrive until at least Sunday. Michael is in Kona this week, working and commentating on the Hawaii Ironman. Lucky for us there haven’t been…

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September 26, 2013

4 weeks until Race Day!


We are four weeks away from race day! And even though our little girl is the size of a honeydew melon, I feel like my old self before pregnancy. In fact, I sometimes have this misconception that I look the same as I did before getting pregnant. Pregnancy is all about how you feel. And I have never felt better.

It’s funny how much things have changed throughout the past 9 months. I spent the first trimester hiding myself, afraid that someone would figure out our secret. During those first 13 weeks, I had mixed emotions about being pregnant. While we were so excited, I didn’t get my hopes up and I didn’t allow myself to get attached to our baby until my doctor told me that our little girl was strong and healthy.  Two days after being told that our daughter was in fact a girl and that she was super healthy, I started bleeding. I ended up in the ER thinking that we were going to lose her. It was one of the hardest yet happiest days of our lives when we finally heard her heart beat on the ultrasound. From that day on, I never took this pregnancy for granted and I have done everything in my power to help her grow into a healthy, strong baby. I found it surprisingly easy to put my own needs aside in order for our baby to grow as perfectly…

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September 11, 2013

6 weeks to go: Butternut Squash, Coconut, Honeydew Melon…getting bigger and bigger…

Going through security...

Even though I have not shared my experiences lately on my blog, I have to say that the  past few weeks have been my most favorite and special weeks of pregnancy to date. I have loved being pregnant, feeling her movements, kicks, punches. I feel her getting  bigger and bigger, but I have not gained a lot of weight except where I need to…up front.

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

Check ups and Ultrasounds: Every time that Michael and I go into the doctors office to meet for an ultrasound or to hear her heartbeat, my doctors tell me how strong and how healthy our baby is. It has become my goal to make sure that I do everything in my power to keep her growing big and strong. Not only is it a goal, but it is a competition for me to hear those amazing words out of my doctors mouth. She is at the 60 percentile of growth which I believe is pretty fantastic. We have even picked a name for her that means “Strong and Healthy”.

Sleep: It has been the absolute BEST for the past 8 weeks!

Michael and I have our support team: Our amazing and wonderful doula, Lisa Waldo. She is our coach and our go-to woman. She is the person who answers all of my questions. She will also be our unemotional guide just in case something…

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