I am 14 weeks pregnant and our baby girl is the size of a lemon.

All is good on the Lovato front. I am one week away from being off of bed rest, which is great news for me. I had a bit of a health scare last week, and my doctor is just being extra cautious by prescribing no exercise, including laundry, house cleaning, swimming, biking, running, walking, and even massage! I am lucky because I have an very helpful husband who has picked up all the slack:Husband porn.

While I have been sitting around, I have had a lot of time to think and reflect the past week.

Here are five random facts that I have figured out in the past 14 weeks of being pregnant:

1. 40 is the average age of a new mother in Boulder. I will be 41 when I have this baby, but according to my doctor this is the new normal! Whenever I go to the doctors office (every 4 weeks), I am surrounded by other 38-43 year old new moms-to-be.

2. There is so much new technology out there these days. I did a genetic test at nine weeks with a sequential ultra sound at 13 weeks that is only offered in ten states, Colorado being one of them. My doctors knew at the 11 week mark that our baby was 100% healthy and that she was a GIRL!! The ultra sound validated the blood test. There is no need for an amnio or CVS these days, at least in the state of Colorado.

3. Always an early riser and never someone who needed a whole ton of sleep, I have noticed a few parallels between training for an Ironman and brewing up a baby. I am sleeping 12 hours a night and naps are all that I think about these days. This has been a HUGE change for me.

4. Michael told me a few weeks ago that he felt pregnant. I shrugged him off and told him that he was crazy…until I found  this when reading some of my pregnancy books. So when ever Michael feels “bloated or emotional” we laugh together and say that he is “hatching” which is the term used to describe a man experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

5. Just because your girlfriend worked out 7 days a week or raced a half marathon when she was pregnant doesn’t mean that you can. Trust me, I tried. Well, I didn’t try to race because my doctor told me specifically not to…but I have tried to do some sort of exercise every day.  I think every girl and every pregnancy is different. And I know that I can’t handle daily exercise. I no longer have mind power over my body. This little 14 week baby growing inside of me has all of the power over me. I am acutely in tune with my body and I know when enough is enough.

I can’t say that I have absolutely loved being pregnant, but I have embraced it. The best part of being pregnant is knowing that I am carrying around this little baby girl that Michael and I made together. My girlfriend Ann told me that I was doing God’s work and I really do feel that way.  I am doing everything possible to take care of her and help her grow to be the healthiest baby she can be…including taking my bed rest seriously. :)