Baby girl is about 4.7 inches, the size of an avocado. In the next few weeks she will double in size.

I don’t really think that I have much of  a baby bump yet, but I am starting to get wider. I swear my hips are spreading and my buttons on my jeans have been getting more difficult to close. I have been wearing running tights and capris a lot lately. But by mid afternoon, the pressure against my stomach gets to be a little much. My drawstring sweatpants by TYR seem to be my favorite “go to” item this week!

Week 16

My sports bras become more and more uncomfortable throughout the day. But thanks to my friend Angela, I found a good one that separates and lifts by Lulu lemon call the ta-ta tamer. I can wear it all day long without discomfort.

Cool things that happened this week: While I am still on exercise restriction, I am able to walk around our neighborhood. YES! It’s better than nothing!

My brother, his girlfriend Laura, and my friend Angela all came into town this past weekend to hang with me. Michael was out of town for a race in St. Croix and I was so happy to have the love and company from my family and friends.

Jarrod and Me

My friend Angela seems to know a lot more about having a baby than I do! She took me to Target and Babies-R-Us to investigate different brands of strollers, cribs, car seats, etc. At least I feel like I sort of have a handle on what is going on.

Angela picking out baby stuff

I actually felt like an athlete for about 5 minutes yesterday. I did a photo shoot with Cycle Ops and it felt great to have my cycling kit on again. I am so looking forward to riding my bike again. Lycra seems to suit me but I have a feeling that my  jersey’s will become more difficult to zip fairly soon.

CycleOps photo shoot

The number 1 best thing that happened this week….

I bumped into my ER nurse at Pekoe coffee and Tea and introduced myself. We embraced and had a few kind words to say to each other. While I do not remember every detail of that visit to the ER 3 weeks ago, I will always remember Sara who was nothing short of awesome.