My new favorite phone app is “the Bump” app. Every Thursday, I get pinged as a reminder to tell me what week I am of pregnancy. And I love that it tells me the size of our baby in terms of  fruit or vegetable.

This week is 17 weeks. Baby Girl is about 5.1 inches, the size of an onion. She looks something like this, although I hope she is much prettier. :)

In the mornings, my stomach is sort of flat. I do have a slight bump…but by mid afternoon I can see something more significant. The abs are all gone by this point.

Baby girl is the size of an onion!

I have not exercised for four weeks and I have to wait another two weeks until I see my doctor again for approval to do something other than walking around the ‘hood.

Because boredom had gotten the best of me, I asked my friend Courtenay to go for a walk/slow hike near Sinitas on Saturday. My energy was much higher and my health had taken a turn for the better. I needed some outside time. It was so awesome to hang with her for a while, chat, and catch up! The weather has finally become reasonable and I am loving the 80 plus degree days. That hike was the first time that I emotionally felt “alive” in a long time.

Court and me

Needless to say, while it felt great at the time, and even though we took numerous stop breaks, my quads were sore for three days. Oh dear…What is getting back in shape going to be like??

Sunday was mothers day and my awesome husband surprised me with this:

I am pretty sure that I have the best husband in the best husband in the world. #happymothersday

I am pretty sure that I have the best husband in the world.

The single coolest thing that happened this week was when my friend Kerrie ran and got 2nd in the Title 9k at the Boulder Rez! Her prize was a BOB Jogging stroller, which she so generously donated to me! YAY!

Kerrie and the Bob!

Things that I am looking forward to this week:

Today I am closing on a listing that I have had!

I am going up to to Colorado Springs to watch my brother’s change of command (Army promotion). My whole family will be there, including both my mother and father. This will be the first time that my sister has seen me pregnant and it will be great to catch up with her. :)

We are moving! We aren’t going far…but we have decided to sell our home and move to a bigger place about .25 miles away. I am glad that we are doing this now instead of when I am 8 months pregnant…

I look forward to having more of a baby bump this week.