The past week has been much better than any other week. I finally feel pregnant instead of feeling fat and I am getting more and more excited about meeting our little girl!

We are having a blast getting our nursery organized. Michael has been a real champ at putting the furniture together.

We celebrated our first father’s day this past weekend. I bought him a very masculine skulls and crossbones diaper bag by Diaper Dude filled with diapers, a blanket, changing pad, hand sterilizer, a couple of onesies, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, etc.

Diaper Dude
Diaper Dude

Isn’t he CUTE????  I think his favorite gift, however, was a mini Beastie Boys T-shirt for baby girl! :)

I am still on exercise restriction and will probably stay on it until the birth of this child. In the meantime, I am enjoying my walks with friends and with my main girl, Luna Lovato. Here is a picture of me and my friend Katie who is about 5 weeks behind me. Katie is a first time mom too and I love having someone who has a due date that is close to mine. We have the best time walking around Wonderland Lake talking about what to expect…

Amanda and Katie
Amanda and Katie

Everyone, including my doctor, asks me how I am doing without exercise. At first, it was really hard. I have always identified with being an athlete and I have always enjoyed being in shape. More than anything I missed my daily routine of going to the pool with Michael. We were very used to spending endless hours together at a time. Some days were harder emotionally than others and I had to start finding other things to keep me occupied.  I love work and it is something that I can throw myself into and feel accomplished. However, it really isn’t the same as the feeling that I get from racing a 5k or a triathlon. After week four of zero inactivity, I pulled myself together and started to view growing a baby as a goal…or a race.  Since then, I have tried to do everything possible to be the best baby grower that I can possibly be. For the past month, I have been working hard to be organized and educated. Michael and I have also requested the help of a Doula in Boulder to help point us in the right direction and to be a “go to” person who can answer our questions when we can’t find the answer on google. After all, I have never changed a diaper or held a newborn…ee-gads! Needless to say, I will be signing up for some birth/baby classes. :)

Michael and I have found other things to do together like going to tea/breakfast, taking walks with our dogs together, and even paddle boarding. Neither one of us is very good at paddle boarding and we are both pretty slow…however the together time is awesome. Mostly we just laugh and have fun when we do it together.

Me and baby girl "paddling"
Me and baby girl “paddling”

Here is today’s belly shot on my board.

I have another doctors appointment/ultrasound next week. 18 weeks until race day!