Somehow I completely missed our 3 month update…

Three months...(yesterday)

I am now at 15 weeks post-baby and every day I am getting stronger. I am feeling more like my old self and with a little bit of exercise every day, my body is bouncing back. On Christmas day (8 weeks postpartum), I got the only Christmas present I wanted…besides Valentine. I was able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!!! That was worth celebrating…BIG TIME!!!

I started a little bit of exercise at 6 weeks. And I became more regular with it at 8 weeks. Now that I am at 15 weeks, I have time for about an hour of exercise a day, which is more than enough with work and being a mother. I have tried to do a little more exercise than that here and there, but when I do, I find that I am too tired to enjoy Valentine the way that I want to, and I find that my work stuff gets pushed back. Really…I am just a little too tired. The worst part about increased exercise, besides fatigue, is that my milk supply goes down. And I want to be fair to my baby. I can’t imagine if I was training full time and trying to care for my baby. It would just be too much for me.

With the cold weather, I am mostly running (on my treadmill) and doing TRX training at Image Body Building (which is only 5 minutes away from our home). I am up to about 20 miles of running per week, which seems doable with everything else that I have going on.


I made two goals after I had Valentine and after I started a little exercise routine. The first goal was to run a 5k in February. With my long run being six miles now, I know I can do it. It may not be fast…but I can do it. My second goal is to not wet (pee) myself during a run. I haven’t achieved that one yet and I may not ever achieve that one again. #thejoysofmotherhood

The TRX has been awesome! I love the group atmosphere and I love our instructors, Stacey and Cara. Oddly, I love being called out in class, which happens often since I can hardly do the moves. I have no flexibility and I have no athleticism. My core strength is gone…no where to be found. I lost a lot of strength during my pregnancy and it has been a struggle to get it back. It’s hard for me to believe that I used to be a professional athlete. It’s that bad…but I love it!


Valentine hasn’t ventured off to the fitness club yet to hang out in the baby room. I am just too nervous, as the flu is still rampant.  And I would never be able to forgive myself if she got sick. Michael has been really helpful which allows me the ability to have some “get in shape” time until the time is right when we can take Valentine to the club.

Valentine has been swimming at North Boulder Rec Center for about 30 second each time that we go. It’a little cold for a little baby, and like I said, we don’t want her to get sick. Plus I don’t want her drinking that chlorinated water! It takes Michael and me way longer to take our clothes off and to go into the pool with her than it takes for her to “swim”, but seeing her smile makes us so happy.  I love how much she loves the water. Unlike her mother, she is a natural! You can check out her moves here:

A lot mothers will hate me when I write this, but Valentine is a great sleeper. By 5/6weeks, she was sleeping through the night without a dream feed. At 14 weeks (one week ago), she started sleeping from 7pm-7am, and does so every single night now. Prior to that, we went through a tough period of where she cried a lot during the day and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, then I started putting her to bed a little earlier. Previously she was going to bed at 10pm. However, when I started to put her down at 7pm, waking her at 10pm for a final big feed, she became a lot happier. I think I was depriving her of sleep.   And the next step took place when Michael went away for a few days.  I was really tired so I decided to let her sleep through her 10pm feed knowing that I may have to pay for it at 5am. However, she loved it and so did I! We are all enjoying an earlier bedtime now. :)

Valentine smiles, coos, and goos. I love every single moment with her. She is the light of my life. Sometimes I find it hard to balance everything…coaching, my real estate work, exercise, my relationship with ML, and my baby. I have mother’s guilt when I am away from the house too long and I miss time with her. Four hours is about my limit right now. I am so lucky to have a supportive and loving husband who helps me in everything I do. He is the ying to my yang.