Even though I have not shared my experiences lately on my blog, I have to say that the  past few weeks have been my most favorite and special weeks of pregnancy to date. I have loved being pregnant, feeling her movements, kicks, punches. I feel her getting  bigger and bigger, but I have not gained a lot of weight except where I need to…up front.

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

Check ups and Ultrasounds: Every time that Michael and I go into the doctors office to meet for an ultrasound or to hear her heartbeat, my doctors tell me how strong and how healthy our baby is. It has become my goal to make sure that I do everything in my power to keep her growing big and strong. Not only is it a goal, but it is a competition for me to hear those amazing words out of my doctors mouth. She is at the 60 percentile of growth which I believe is pretty fantastic. We have even picked a name for her that means “Strong and Healthy”.

Sleep: It has been the absolute BEST for the past 8 weeks!

Michael and I have our support team: Our amazing and wonderful doula, Lisa Waldo. She is our coach and our go-to woman. She is the person who answers all of my questions. She will also be our unemotional guide just in case something goes a different direction than what we envisioned in the birth room. She will be the only other person in the delivery room with us (besides our doctor and nurse) when we meet our daughter. Mentioning doctors…I love my doctor, Heather Bright-Hoffmeyer. I think I hit the lottery when I met her and I feel very blessed to be in such capable and caring hands.

Classes and education: Our coach, Lisa, has helped outline some classes for us to take in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for our daughter’s arrival. These classes include: Breastfeeding with Stephanie Moore, A PPD (post partum depression) class with Kate Kipkte and an Active Birth Class (the Bradley method) with Judith Nowlin. These classes have been awesome. Each time ML and I leave a class, we both say…wow, that was really great! Not only are we getting a great education, but we are meeting other couples who feel the same way that we do…anxious, excited, nervous.

Michael has especially loved these classes. He has become that guy with his hand constantly up asking loads of questions, while I am the one who cringes at the words breast, vagina, etc…hiding under the chair, hoping that no ones asks me a question. Thank goodness that I have a very excited husband!

Favorite i-phone Apps: So far, I really like “The Bump” app. Every week it gives me a comparison of fruit/vegetable to our babies size. And I really love that. It is also pretty informative, giving a calendar of what you should do or expect week to week. It sort of keep me on task (loosely). I also really like the “i-birth” app. This App gives tips and lists for labor/birth. It helps with Prenatal Nutrition (Collard Greens are a must eat by the way…), and it has helpful videos and even a contraction timer…pretty cool stuff.

Clothes: When I first started to get a little wider, and started to grow a bit outward, I wasn’t sure what to do for clothing. I wasn’t quite ready for maternity wear, but I needed clothes that were a little more stretchy…My hairdresser and friend, Choli, gave me some awesome ‘bigger” clothes that she had during her pregnancies. Those items were a godsend. Choli has amazing style.  But I needed more casual clothing…I got a hot tip from Meredith Kessler about shopping at Old Navy. I bought an entire wardrobe from there for about 150 bucks! Some of the clothes fell apart after a month or two, but for the most part, they have lasted through the summer. The best thing about Old Navy is that you can buy trendy clothing without paying a fortune. Lastly, I am lucky enough to still have Brooks sponsorship. Brooks sent me a few bigger sized shorts, capris, pants, and tops…which have been great for the summer/fall.  And believe it or not, my feet have shrunk. My once 8.5 sized feet are now a size 8. I guess the lack of running has lessened those callouses.

Travel: I flew to  Vegas last weekend with Michael and Luna Lovato, but I am now officially on travel restriction…no more flying. Damn…ML is going to Cozumel next week…I love that place.

Going through security...

Frequent Questions that I have been asked: 1. Have you had any cravings? A: Not really…  2. How much weight have you gained? A: So far 26 pounds. 3. Can you feel her kick? A: almost all of the time. 4. Can I see your belly button? Has it popped? A:  Ew…yes, this is a frequent question…I have always had an “outy” belly button and I don’t think it has changed too much. It’s still “out”. Weird question but I guess worth answering 5. Do you think that Luna realizes that you are pregnant? A: I don’t think so…but I don’t know.  She has been quite sad since Blue died earlier this summer. And she has been getting a lot of extra walks and attention. I’m not sure how this baby is going to rock her world when she comes…but I bet Luna will be a super star. After all, Luna LOVES babies. 6. Have you picked a name yet? Yes, we sure have and I am not telling you. 7. When will you stop working? A: When I can’t sit at a computer and send out listings. Real estate is a lot different than riding your bike for 3 hours. 8. Did you ever have morning sickness? A: nope. 9. What does it feel like to be pregnant? A: It’s like no other feeling in the world…

Lastly, the number one question that I have been asked from people is if they can touch my Belly. I generally don’t mind as long as people ask. And 9 times out of 10, they can feel her moving which is quite exciting. She is constantly rolling around in there! I don’t mind sharing that with other people.

Exercise: I walk 30′ – 2hours daily with my main homegirl, Luna Lovato. I may run a minute or two if I feel spunky during the walks. I love and cherish this time and am so glad that I can do it. The weather has been wonderful. And I have been lucky enough to recruit friends and other guest dog walkers  which has been really nice. Besides running, I swim 3-4 times per week for at least 1000 meters…sometime 2000 meters if I am feeling inspired.

On being a professional Athlete: Everyone asks me if I miss being a professional athlete and if I miss training 20 plus hours a week. The truth is that I do. I always felt so alive when I was pushing myself to the limit and training so hard that I would sleep for 10 plus hours. But once I found out that I was pregnant, this baby and her health became my main focus and all that I seem to care about since that moment is helping her to grow into the most strong, healthy baby that she can possibly be. Being an older parent, I feel so lucky to have gotten pregnant easily and to have had a relatively easy pregnancy (well, besides 13 weeks of bed rest…which in the grand scheme of things was not that hard.) It is such a relief to me every time I hear a doctor tell me that our baby is big, strong, and healthy. As a mother, it is all you really want for your child.

6 weeks to go…


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