I have officially entered my third trimester and baby girl is the size of an eggplant. Only 84 days to go!

While I didn’t particularly enjoy the first 24-26 weeks of my pregnancy, I am really embracing it now. Everyone seems to love a pregnant woman and I have really enjoyed all of the wonderfully sweet attention. I really feel pregnant and I really look pregnant at this point!


Michael loves this picture…barefoot, pregnant, and making him dinner…while holding our baby doggie. LOL!

The baby room is almost finished and baby girl is already spoiled with so many sweet gifts that she has received from her grandmothers and from her parents’ friends. This child is so loved!

I have been getting lots of advice on how to introduce Luna Lovato (our baby doggie) to Baby girl. And I have no doubt that Luna will love this child. Luna loves children and she especially loves little babies.

Things that I have really noticed this past week:

Every 5-6 days, I can barely get out of bed. I am exhausted.

Around the 6pm-7pm hour, for the past few weeks, my stomach skin hurts. I can feel the skin stretching and it is so uncomfortable. Laying down seems to be the best remedy.

I have finally gotten some deep sleep the past few days. It has been awesome…

We have narrowed down our babies name. Coming up with the perfect name for our daughter has been daunting. However, her name will have special meaning.  Each time we hear our babies heart beat our doctor tells us how strong our baby is. With this, we have decided to give her a name that is strong as well as feminine.

Last week we were in New Mexico. Michael raced an Olympic distance race in Cochiti. After the race we spent some more time in Sante Fe at a resort called Ten Thousand Waves. I highly recommend it. It was amazing…

I am 7 months down…with a little less than three months to go! And yes, women are pregnant for ten months (40 weeks), not 9 months!