I’ve been a slack blogger.
However, after many tags on FB, I finally relented and wrote 25 random things about myself.
I thought that I would share them on my blog…
25 Random Things About Me

1. When I am training hard, I tend to be less social and “hide”.
2. I have strong feelings against people who abuse animals. They disgust me.
3. I grew up in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. I love Maryland and think of it as “little America”. I miss it.
4. I grew up on a farm with lots of animals. My sister and I competed in horse shows, pony races, etc…we did it all!
5. I have lived in California, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, and Colorado.
6. I did an internship at the Lawrence Welk Resort in San Diego…LOL!
7. I am honest to a fault
8…and I don’t have patience for people who lie to me.
9. I live in Austin half of the year and I live in Boulder the other half of the year. I love both cities and feel like I have the best of both worlds.
10. My favorite city is San Diego.
11. I think of Brother John Devoe who was my middle school teacher and HS teacher every single day. He bought me my first pair of running shoes and he encouraged me to dream. I wish he could see me now… RIP
12. Every morning, I write a goal for the day.
13. I am extremely sensitive and I wear my feelings on my sleeve.
14. I love Gay men…mostly because they seem to like me…LOL!
15. I think 2-faced people suck
16. I love running on an open trail on a warm day.
17. I have three tattoos
18. I wish that I was as fearless as my sister…
19. I like to make people laugh, even if it is at my own expense.
20. Self righteous people drive me crazy.
21. I once ran with Paula Radcliff who is the marathon world record holder. I thought I was a bad ass because I was able to keep up, until I found out that she had given birth to her first child 2 weeks prior..LOL!
22. I once had a colonic irrigation. And while I did not enjoy the procedure, I did did like the way it made me feel….not to mention, I did lose four pounds after it was over…whoa!!!
23. I talk about things that others deem as inappropriate (note: #22:).
24. My husband gives me “butterflies” even after being together 10 years!
25. I have a 26 pound cat, named Frisco. The little bastard pisses on my designer clothes when he is angry (joe’s jeans, fluff momma ugg boots, etc…). However, I seem to have more patience with him than most people…LOL!