My TIMEX watch read 1:21.27 (unofficial) after crossing the line….

This morning I arose at 5am. I felt fresh, even though I didn’t sleep much the past two nights. I really tried to take it easy the last two days as I wanted to run as hard as I could this morning. I hate going into races tired!
After i woke up, I took the dogs out for a nice pee/poo session. I came back in, gave treats and watched them get back into bed. I thought to myself about the last time I did a half marathon…. I was with Michael. We arrived at the race with 15 minutes till the start…totally Lovato style:)! In any case, I wasn’t going to let that happen this morning.
After breaky, I put on my styley SPLISH run top with the GIGANTIC Boulder Running Company Logo that Ira made for me last year. After I put it on, I thought….uh oh…my boobs have grown. You see, I have been on the pill for 6 weeks now to help me with my iron stores. My periods last 8-12 days and I was losing major amounts of blood, thus having major iron issues every 3 months. My doctor thought putting me on a low dose pill will help. It has, however, I have had some side effects that will hopefull go away. Even though I am a relatively small person (I am 5’7″ and 120 pounds), I have inherited the Gillam/Swetnam good boob genes. My boobs aren’t stringy, they are round like a softball and I am a size “C”. My Mom is a “C” and both my grandmas were “D’s”. All of them were petite. In fact my dad’s mom was about 110 pounds and 5’8″ with those big suckers…. In any case, I hate boob bounce when I race, thus the very small, tight swim suits or running tops.
After jogging around my room for 5 minutes, I decided that another bra top was a must. So I put another bra on under the cute SPLISHY.
Richie, Fred, Kelly, and myself arrived a full 45 minutes ahead of schedule. WOW…gotta love that:)! Fred decided to stay in the car, while Richie and I decided to find a toilet and warm-up. There was a big SUCCESS this morning:)!!!
In any case, I warmed up for about 15 minutes looking for my friend Cassie who I planned on running with until I got dropped. I did see her at the race start, however, she was 3 rows back. I thought to myself that I would see her after the gun shot off. Cassie is an amazing runner getting ready for the Olympic trials. She had strict intructions from her coach to go no faster than 6:10 pace. I thought that with where my fitness level is right now, that would be about perfect…However, I never saw her until the end…:(.
The gun went of and Desiree was off like a shot. I think she went off with the Kenyans and Russians…She is so fast…
Then I saw Kelly Handle. She is running so great right now. I knew I couldn’t stay with her so I just settled in. I waited for Cassie to catch me and I thought oh shit…did I go out too fast? Am I going to blow???? And then I thought…who cares if I do…fuck it. I was running aerobically and the pace felt easy and obtainable. So I just settled in and went for it.
Everything was going really well. I was having a blast out there. I was actually reeling people back in at 6 miles. At mile 7, I decided to take a half a gel. MISTAKE!!!! At mile 8 that mutha effin gel gave me a belly ache. My gut was cramping so bad, I thought I would have to walk…Luckily after about 3 painful minutes, the gut pain went away…And I was running hard again.
I finished strong and my legs feel good. I finished in the time I thought I would (1:21). Realistically, I did exactly what I was capable of doing. I have to admit, a little piece of me, which is extremely competitive, wishes that i was in the sort of shape that I was in when I was running 1:16, but I’m just not there…yet:).
Pat Evoe (botox forehead, LOL) had the balls to tell me that he thought I would be super sore and that he was surprised to see me being able to run my cool down. Doesn’t he realize that I run downhill for 20 minutes in Boulder. Love Pat (he is my buddy), but he doesn’t realize that my legs are fairly tough…they just aren’t speedy…yet. Give me about 5 more weeks…GRRRRR. Now I’m motivated!
By the way, if you know Pat Evoe and you take a look at his forehead, notice that it doesn’t move at all. I asked him the other day if he uses botox…he doesn’t. Most 40 plus year old women would be jealous!!
I’m off for a dog walk now and then for a bike ride with my buddy Terra. Thanks for the e-mails and all of the support!