We are still staying at Casa Fred, having a marvelous time here in Austin. The weather has been crap the past week, however, we look forward to warmer temperatures without rain next week!
Blue nearly caught a deer last night. To my delight, he didn’t get it, however, his paws are ripped to shreds and he has cuts all over his little face.
Michael will be in Nashville tonight and tomorrow for USAT Southeast Triathlon Expo. If you are int he area, make sure you go and say “HI”. He will be back in Boulder next week for a much need haircut by ALEX and work related stuff with NA SPORTS.
I am racing the 3M half-marathon this weekend. I haven’t raced a half in a few years, however, I look forward to the challenge. I’m not feeling as speedy as when I ran a 1:16 a few years back, but I hope to be around the 1:20 range. My running is feeling good and I am looking forward to seeing where my fitness is right now.
Side note: I recently heard a pro triathlete say that he was “participating” in a race. What the hell does that mean? Aren’t races used for racing? When ever I hear someone say that, I think it’s an excuse and a cop out. These are elite athletes. If there are in a race, they are there to race. I think it’s a pre empeted excuse for a sub par performance….GRRRRR!
Back to updates: We have been able to spend lots of quality time with our friends here and were lucky to see and go to Andrea and Jamie’s new home. It is GORGEOUS!!!! They have a new doggie that they adopted from a shelter that is the sweetest dog ever….
We look forward to more quality time with friends and lots more hard training!