I am always in AWE of how much ML eats. One particular day a few years ago I guestimated Michael’s calories, eating a whopping 9,000 calories without much exercise. Today, I thought I would share an average day of eating day for ML.

Morning weight: 168lbs/ Height: 6’1″

5am: wake up/drink 16oz of water & Vitamins: Optygen and Multi-V

5:25 Breakfast #1. large banana, Udi’s Gluten Free Bagel, 2 packages of Justin’s Nut Butter, 1 heaping Scoop of Blueberry Jelly. (~900 calories)

5:45 Dog Walk with Amanda-16oz of Kona coffee.

6:05 Depart for UT Masters Swimming.

6:30-8am-5500 yds of swimming. Main Set (4 x 100 on 1:10/3 x 200IM on 3min/2 x 100 on 1:05/200kick) x 3

During Swim: 2 heaping scoops of EFS in 24oz of water. (~200 calories)

Post swim @8am 2 heaping scoops of Ultragen (First Endurance) in 18oz of water. (320 calories)

9:10am Breakfast #2. 3 FULL eggs, 1/2 of a LARGE avocado, 1 Udi’s Gluten Free Bagel, 12 oz of Kona Coffee, 16oz of water. (~660calories)

ML preparing his food 

9:40-10:10:  Phone consult with Coach Monica.

10:20: Breakfast #3: 1 cup of Strawberry flavored Monkey Brains Oatmeal, topped off with 1/2 cup of Blueberry Granola and about 4 squirts of Vanilla Agave Syrup (~700 calories).

(ML just said that he is still hungry….and he has already taken 3 (BIG) craps today)….@10:36: make that 4…

10:45-4pm Bike Ride: 75′ or 90′…can’t remember exact time, but ML was getting frustrated with his riding. The hills were feeling a lot harder than usual to him. He was holding 410-435 watts for the hill intervals. And so far he had hit 4x 4′ hills at Far West & Mesa. After assessing where he was, he decided to sit one out. He ate a banana, drank a bottle of EFS and ate a honey stinger waffle. All of the sudden was happy and able to push again…Food is Michael’s BEST FRIEND! (~460 calories)

Michael took his 5th crap of the day.

On his way to South Mopac for a few more intervals, ML had 1 package of peanut butter M&M’s. During his intervals which included 2 x 15′ at 70.3 pace with 3′ recovery, he ingested  1 flask of EFS liquid shot. (~660total  calories). During the ride, ML had about 80 oz. of water for just under 4 hours of riding. Evidently this was not enough fluid as he came home and weighed 4 lbs lighter than when he started. The Austin humidity is a KILLER. (weight: 164)

Post Ride Smoothie: 20 oz of Almond Milk, 2 frozen bananas, half of a bag of frozen Pineapple, 1 heaping spoonful of Justin’s Nut Butter,  3 scoops of Cappacino Ultragen, 6 frozen strawberries. (~1250 calories in42-oz  smoothie)

4pm Massage with Minda @ Austin Deep.

@5:30p Orange and 1 package of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter. (~250 calories) 8oz of water.

Spent some time at Jack and Adams. Picked up Bike and some waffle stingers.

@6pm ML came home…starving! Started out with 28 baby peeled carrots, 15 almonds, 10 dried cranberries. (~300 calories)

Dinner @ 7pm: 1/2 of a Large Avocado, large sweet potato, 2 full chicken breast, 3 small ones, 32oz of water (~1000 calories)

8pm-9pm ML sits in Recovery Pump Boots, does e-mails, and complains of gas. He thinks it’s “hunger gas”.

9pm-9:30pm: More Recovery Pump action, more e-mails. ML keeps asking Amanda what he should  have for dinner #2.

9:30: Crap #6.

 9:45-10:15: late night dog walk. Enormous bowl of Puffins Rice Cereal wiith Vanilla Almond Milk, 1/2 cup of Blueberry/Pecan Granola, banana, 1 package of Justin’s almond Nut Butter. (~800 calories)

10:30 Weight: 172.  Bed time.

 So if my calculations are right, ML ate 7400 calories today. Since I’m not a RD, I don’t have the exact know-how (or desire) to breakdown fat, carbs, and proteins, but you get the picture here. I have to admit, I’m not that impressed.  I have seen him eat a lot more on days where he was not as busy. But as I said, this was an average day of eating.

6 craps in one day in not unusual for ML. He has taken up to 9 number 2′s (healthy ones) in one day. He just seems to eliminate waste efficiently.