Angie Cody, a gal I coach from Mississippi, is in town to train and to experience Boulder. She is here for about 6 days and I am excited that the weather is perfect for her.
With Angie being from Sea level, my two main goals are to keep her from getting altitude sickness and from getting her sunburned as the sun is much more intense at altitude. When I first visited Boulder, I went way too hard the first day I was here and ended up in bed with altitude sickness (throwing up, flu like feelings)for 5 days. It wasn’t the best experience for me. I hope to be able to give Angie the best experience she can have!
Today Meredith, another gal that I coach living in Denver will be coming up to ride with Angie. The two girls are extremely comparable and I think it will be really fun for them to meet each other as they are both really sweet, fun girls.
Stay tuned for training reports with Angie and Meredith!