I’m in Austin hanging at Casa Fred’s house. Love the FRED!

As of last Wednesday, the plan was to return home to Boulder after the Columbia Triathlon. However, after getting a bit of counsel from CC, ML and I decided that it may be in my best interest to stay in Austin for a two more weeks. Fred has been extremely generous to offer me a room. And I am extremely grateful!

Altitude is a tricky thing for me. I seem to always get some sort of sickness when going up while continuing to train hard. With IM CDA being only 5 weeks away and with me being in the thick of IM training, it seemed like the smartest thing for me was to stay in Austin, in my routine, until my taper started. I miss ML…but ML and I plan to reunite at the REV3 in only 2 weeks. REV3 will be my final race before IM CDA. With my main sponsor putting on this race, I felt the need and desire to race it. I also want to test myself one final time before racing an Ironman. I feel like I have figured out a lot through racing this year and I want one more opportunity to learn before CDA.

So there ya go…that’s the plan!