Well I’m back from San Diego. It was a lot of fun seeing and chatting with other pro triathletes and FSA sponsored Lisa Bentley, Linsey Corbin, & Brian and Becky Lavelle. Becky was at last years shoot and it was awesome to reconnect with her. Brian and I have know each other for about 9 years and he is a really fun guy. We seem to always “girl it up” when we hang out. So it was especially fun to see these guys. Getting to know Linsey Corbin was a real treat. And Lisa Bentley was, as always, her sweet, kind self.
The shoot was a lot shorter for us this year compared to last year. Splish did an amazing job on my “special suits” for the shoot. They really made me look amazing. The theme of the shoot was a “rock star” look. We were bronzed and out hair was slicked.
I’m excited to see the pictures! I look forward to sharing my photos with everyone as soon as Carla sifts through them!

Since the shoot and arriving home, I have been plagued with more stomach issues. During the shoot yesterday, I had a terrible time in the later half of the day. My stomach was in knots. I have since seen my doctor as the pain was unbearable last night. Something is up with my gallbladder and I am in the middle of doing a bunch of tests right now. I need to get rid of this pain….soon! In the mean time, I have to eat a fat free diet now without red meat, alcohol, and fried foods until my tests come back. Maybe I overdid it while in B-MORE visiting family and friends with fatty foods and alcohol…..hmmm….It sucks to have a sensitive stomach.

Thanks for reading!