This time last year Michael was writing his training plan for KONA. He traveled to all of the NA sports races for work last year and he felt the need to try to cram in everything around the dates that he traveled…especially around Ironman Wisconsin.

He sent his training plan to his “yoda” (PNF)to get an idea of what she thought of his plan. ML thinks the world of her and he knew that she would give him some honest feedback. I don’t remeber exactly what she said when she saw his schedule, however I think her feedback was some sort of hysterical laughter while asking Michael if he was CRAZY? Michael sort of chuckled and wondered to himself…really?

Paula’s biggest comment was that Michael had to respect the travel. Travel takes a lot out of you, especially when you are in training. In PNF’s opinion, the amount of training that ML wanted to do with the amount of travel that he had to to do would spell disaster in KONA. Michael trusted Paula’s opinion and followed her plan, only to finish in the top 10 at KONA….Lesson Learned!

Since then, Michael has been extremely careful about training too much before and after travel. In fact, after we arrived home Saturday night, Michael reminded me yesterday while I was on my way to swim with the girls (who were swimming 5k)… to only swim 3k…respect the travel.

I have to say, while I felt brilliant for about the first 2600m, I was very happy to only swim 3k as my feet started to cramp. Dehydration is part of traveling, depite my efforts to stay on top of it. It makes sense now as I think about it. We were on the east coast for 4 days for a wedding, where we did our best to eat well adn hydrate well. However, eating well and hydrating were not our top priorities last weekend. It was, after all, Michael’s sister’s wedding….not a race. We definitley indulged in lots of cookies, cakes, and yummy Southern foods….not to mention we were were up late each night for parties/dinners/ and the wedding.

Respect the travel and take care of the loose ends….
Happy training!