I have been really lame on the blogging…What on earth has happened to me? I used to be a once every 2-3 days blogging sort of gal…

Well, I guess one fact is that I usually use my blog to give a good rant.
But, the truth be told, I’ve never been happier…there’s nothing really to rant about. The group rides have been really fun (no old guys with see through shorts…yet). Masters swimming has been tranquil. Even Stacy Pool has been fairly easy. (There is a guy who likes to swim (with me) with TEVAS on his feet…yes). However, he is part of the “Keep Austin Weird” charm. Training has been pretty good. I’m tired quite a lot, but I think Coach C. is RAD. And I could not be happier with the sort of crap he has me doing.


….Sometimes I use my blog as a little diary when ML isn’t here. You see, I have lots of thoughts always bouncing around in my head as my day unfolds:
Running through Pease park whilst hacking on Mary Jane (not mine) or
jumping over the homeless guys that live/sleep under the bridges. The homeless in Austin are very gentle, sweet souls. I don’t ever feel scared. In fact, I have a few “friends” that occasionally cheer for me while I run by.
Thinking of cheering…I did have a group of special needs kids cheering and counting laps for me on the track last week. Those kids have so much heart…way more than the regular students. They kept me motivated and made me feel like I had to impress them….

ML has been here a lot more this winter, listening to my jokes/stories, politely laughing at them. I find that I write a lot on my blog when ML goes away. Luna and Blue like my stories, but I occasionally need a little feedback. :)

I guess no news is good news…that’s what my grandfather used to say…

In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for being patient. I hope to have some good shit to write about soon. ;)
Happy training!