Thank goodness my body is finally coming around and I am starting to feel like my spunky self again. Even yesterday, I was starting to feel like racing this weekend may not be a good idea.
I slept in again this morning, logging about 12 hrs of sleep. The bed just felt so good. It’s highly unusual for me to sleep so soundly while in taper mode. I guess my body just really needs the rest right now. The sleep is starting to pay off as I am feeling “happy” and rested.
Michael and I went to the track this morning. He wanted to get some quick running in and a bit of tempo stuff in as well. As we arrived, Michael was a bit nervous as he saw Nicole Aish, Ed and Jorge Torres, Sara and Steve Slattery, and various other FAST runners. He thought that he might be tempted to run super hard because he knew the track guys would be whipping around him. I told him to run with Nicole as she is about his pace. Plus she is a good friend of ours and she wouldn’t try to hurt him or embarrass him:). Michael being the good sport that he is just did his own workout which was 4 x 1200 with 2 minutes easy between each one.
As he was doing his fast running, I went to see Dr. Larry, my chiropractor. Michael thought that he might be able to help my ankle. Larry managed to “adjust” it in 2 places. It kind of hurt when he adjusted it, but I din’t realize the real pain until he did cross fiber stuff on it…OUCH!! I went for a short run to test it out. My ankle did seem a little better, hower, my arch was really tight. I suppose this is from running on it the past couple weeks with my ankle being hurt.
After our run and chiro appointments, Michael and I went to Dave Scott’s swim workout. I knew that I had better psych myself up for this one as Dave’s workouts are always hard! My swim lane had the “regulars” including, my friends Kim and Ann. These girls are always fun and easy to swim with. We also had Jimmy “the rock” Archer. Jimmy is called the “rock” becxaue he swims like a rock. The first time I heard someone call him this was at a X-TERRA race out in Hawaii. Despite vast improvements in the swim, the name just sort of stuck. Jimmy is a good guy, however, his pool etiquette drives me crazy every now and then. Jimmy, for whatever reason, swims in the middle of the pool. This is fine if he is swimming alone, however, when there are 3 others in his lane and we all have paddles on, it’s gets a little painful. Jimmy also believes that he can swim with Joanna Zeiger and Simon Lessing….good luck with that Jimmy!
Again, the swimming personalities are always entertaining.
After swimming, I hopped on my bike for an easy ride. After that I then did some work and toped the day off with a massage with Kim.
As anticipated, today was pretty full. Tomorrow will be equally full as we prepare and leave for our trip to California.
I’m looking forward to seeing my friends out there and being in Southern California.
Stay tuned for a race report and hopefully some pictures!