Warning: If shit, crap, or gooey dog diarrhea bothers you, do not read this post.

The past few days, I really haven’t had much to report. All has been pretty low-key in the Lovato household…

Right now, I have a sick doggie on my hands, however. Blue doggie has issues like me…a weak belly, possibly IBS. However, unlike me, when he get’s sick, he gets the poops. I seem to get crap stuck in me days on end….

The past two morning, I have been shocked awake to the sight of SHIT!…and a lot of it. Yesterday morning, I was on my way out the door for swim practice only to glance to my right at the last moment to see about 50 different piles of gooey diarrhea…the sort of shit that makes you vomit when you are up close.
Patiently, with motherly dog love, I got all of my cleaning supplies together and started the 2hr clean up process…not fun, but necessary. I woke ML up…I’m not sure why, as I knew that he was unable to scoop the poo…to help me. While ML has his talents, picking up doggie diarrhea is not one of them. He did help, however, with taking Blue dog out for a walk and picking up more cleaning supplies from the store…and he will be in charge of steam cleaning the carpet this weekend while I am away in Vegas!

Thinking that we must have allowed, somehow, for Blue dog to get a few bites of cat food in(very bad stuff for Blue dog’s belly…there is too much sodium in cat food for some dogs to digest) yesterday, we made him fast most of the day in order to get all of that crap out of his system. Somehow, again this morning, I found more piles of crap in my downstairs living…AAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!!! Not again! I woke ML up…again, not sure why…as this time he went back to bed with Blue dog with the promise that he will STEAM clean the carpet this weekend…I am holding him to that!

In the meantime, we are now watching Blue dog closely. He will not be allowed out of our room tonight. And he will be having rice and chicken broth for dinner until this belly stuff passes. Shoot, I am even considering crating him tonight. He actually likes the crate and it may be the best thing for him…and us!

I am positive that ML will be very diligent in watching BD over the weekend while I am away as he is unable to do the poop duties…Shit, I’m not sure I can do it again..URGH…I have to say it is the least fun thing to do….

Off to Vegas tomorrow…and yes, I know how hard the bike course is and I know how windy and cold it will be…no need to remind me! I will be taking video adn pictures…stay tuned!