Today we are celebrating the life of Frisco Gillam. Frisco has been my beloved companion for the past 15 years…which is longer than I have known ML.  We first met on a farm in North Baltimore. He was the fattest and sweetest kitten of the bunch. Frisco was a fierce hunter and killer of birds, bunnies, squirrels, or anything else that got in his way. He also enjoyed the company of my dogs, occasionally attacking my whippet, Blue…which we strongly discouraged.

He loved to entice people to rub his tummy. And he loved to chew on my hand. More than anything, he loved to curl up on my lap and enjoy gentle pets.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Big Frisk:

Young Frisk

Frisk in his younger years.

Our boy: Big Frisk

Big Frisk in Black and white...;)

Michael & Frisco

Michael and Frisco

Big Frisc

…sunning himself on the deck


Frisco at the Vet.

Caught in the act

Caught in the act…


The whole gang

The whole gang.




Check out Mr. Frisc’s big blue bow after his bath



Big John and Frisco

Our friend John with Frisco this past December.


Two old friends

Frisco and Blue

Frisco and the pig

Frisky and Luna’s Pig…Pig Domination.

Frisco Sunning himself

Sunning himself…

Dealing with losing Frisco this week has been the most difficult thing that I could have imagined. I have spent my days crying, not sleeping, and making myself sick. I have not trained. And I have been emotional and sad. I knew that his day would eventually come, but I did not realize the emotional drain or the intensity of making the final decision of putting a pet down. For this reason, I have decided to not race next weekend in Oceanside. I want to be able to mourn the loss of our sweet Frisco without feeling the stress of getting ready for a race.

Thank you to all of my friends who have sent texts, called, and have visited Frisco this past few days. Words can not express how much I appreciate all of your kind thoughts.

Lastly, I am aligned with the best sponsors in the sport. Thank you for understanding  and standing by my decision to not race next weekend.