For those of you who missed this the first time, please see the following blog post from my friend Diana Hassel (TRIDVM).If you are inspired to give to a worthy cause for a great person, perhaps this is your opportunity.

***I leave for vegas today…adn I promise to take pictures and have video coverage:)!

My Race for Sue
On October 11th, 2008 I will be competing in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship on the big island of Hawaii. I am racing with a special purpose this year, in memory of my friend Sue Robinson, a fellow Ironman athlete and age-group competitor who died from ovarian cancer almost exactly 2 years ago at the young age of 39. While she was still alive, along with my good friend Lydia Schlosser, we raced at Ironman Hawaii in her honor, raising $10,000 for the Nat’l Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Now I will be racing in memory of the amazing woman she was. Donations raised will be supporting the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, will all funds directed toward ovarian cancer research and education. I wanted to choose an institution that is active and successful with clinical cancer research and education and I found that in the MSKCC. The picture to the right is one of Sue who is running next to her daughter, Katie, who on a whim, decided to run a marathon to raise funds for ovarian cancer when she discovered her mom was sick. Her longest run prior to that marathon was 6 miles.
I would love for everyone to view a short video of part of a talk given by Sue at a local triathlon in September ’05 that I think everyone should hear, along with the message she would like to share…”live every day as if your life is a gift.” There is also an interview of Lydia Schlosser that gives you some further insight into the kind of woman Sue was. Please watch it…it’s about 4 minutes long and worth the time. Go to and type in my name in the search box (Diana Hassel) and it will come up. I have yet to begin my fundraising efforts, as it’s been a crazy last few months at work, but I’ll be hitting it hard in the next few weeks to hopefully far exceed my fundraising goal of $5000. If you would like to support a great cause, and have another nice tax deduction when you file next April, please consider visiting my Janus Charity Challenge donation page:

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