Michael and I heard of the famous BOMB run. Basically, the run starts off slow and progresses to 5k race pace….egads! Michael and I weren’t really prepared for it, but we were up for the challenge. This morning’s run started at 6am (my eyes were bleeding). It was pitch black outside and started on Town Lake. The run was a 7.5 lollipop loop. I figured the runs with Kerrie and Brooke were every bit as far, however, the intensity was never race pace over steep rolling hills…YIKES!!!!!
Michael decided to run with me. There was about 7-8 guys and one other gal, pro triathlete, Kelly Handel. I didn’t think I would be able to keep up (and I didn’t) and I’m not familiar with the routes. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Austin (since 2001) and I was nervous about getting lost. The run started. I’d say the first 5 minutes were easy. I was cursing to myself in the first two miles as it was pitch black and I couldn’t see where we were stepping. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. i was getting angry. I thought, what in hell are we doing here this early in pitch black darkness when we don’t have to do it this early? GRRRR! I persevered and by the time we got to the neighborhoods, I was excited to run hard. It was truly a challenge. Whoa! Everyone took off and Michael and I were just left behind….Good Lord, these guys are fast! I worked hard to stay on Michael’s shoulder. He dangled himself in front of me encouraging me to run fast. We averaged 6:30 pace over an extremely difficult 7.5 miles. After the effort, Michael and I warmed down 30 minutes and headed out to Austin Java. Yippee!!! Well…..sort of. Michael and I were chilly. We probably should have gone straight home, showered, and ate, however, we decided to eat first. After breaky with the group, I came home while Michael went to meet another client with NA Sports. I laid down as I felt nauseous. Something wasn’t right with my tummy. Sometimes I just need to rest it and drink Gatorade. However, this time, something was really not right:(. Michael came home. We loaded our bikes and proceeded to drive to Stacey Pool for a short swim and ride. On our way there, I knew I was in trouble when Michael started talking but all I could here was Whop, whop, whop, whop…like the Charlie Brown teacher. As soon as we got to Stacey, I ran out of the car and threw up everywhere…YUCK! I hate to throw up:(. Just to let you know…I’m not pregnant…Sorry Mom. I think I ate some bad yogurt at The Java Co…I should know better than that. The last time I had food poisoning was when I did a hard run and ate a yogurt from FAC. New lesson: When my tummy is in turmoil, yogurt (from any other place than my home)is NOT good for me!
So now I am in bed with my two dogs sipping on gatorade trying to get my body to feel normal. I’m so annoyed.
All else is going great in Austin. Jen is coming out next week. YEAH! Fred, our home stay, is just amazing. I love his Southern hospitality and I love the fact that he loves our dogs.