I have been thinking about my college years a lot these past few days as I just made my flight reservation for Knoxville for the REV3, May 9th.  I ran track and cross country at the University of Tennessee.  I have a Bachelor of Science and graduated in 1995.  I have a lot of great memories from my time there, and I am feeling a few butterflies with nervous energy as I plan to return to campus this May.

Focusing on the some of my favorite memories today, I thought about what I loved the most about our team…

One of the things I miss about college running  is the strong bond we  had as women and athletes .  We were  ”Lady Vols”.  We trained in a very competitive environment.  We encouraged each other, we competed with each other, we brought out the inner fire in each other, and occasionally we fought with one another.  In a sense, we were  sisters.  My years at the University of Tennessee are where I feel I grew the most as a young woman.  Some of my best friends today are the girls that I ran with 15 years ago. 

I love this picture…can you find me??  This picture is from Spring Track 1993 (I think).

After my college running career ended, I did not miss running. I missed the team.  After years of being an “individual” in triathlon, I am now a part of the TRAKKERS  “team”.  I am returning to Knoxville not only as a Lady Vol Alumni, but as a TRAKKERS athlete.  While we don’t train together everyday or see one another every day, I feel so lucky to be a part of a team again…however, I feel a few butterflies in my belly with our team challenge with K-SWISS/TREK!  We have 4 of our TRAKKERS girls and 2 of our TRAKKERS guys racing!!  Unlike racing as an individual, I now have a  sense of responsibility to our team!

I look forward to my return to Knoxville.  I look forward to seeing and catching up with my current TRAKKERS teammates who happen to be some of my closest friends in triathlon.  I am also hoping to see a few of my former Lady VOL teammates that still live in the area…And since  SEC’s (SouthEastern Conference Champs)is the week after the REV3 race.  A group of Alumni Lady Vols are planning on having a reunion the weekend after REV3.  I can not wait to catch up with some of my buddies and reminisce about our college years…