Michael and I have started a group run Friday mornings. We love training with others, however, it has been difficult to find girls/guys that are our speeds or who want to train the same days that we want to train. Instead of conceding to someone elses plan, we invited a handful of our friends to come out to train with us.
This morning with snow falling and with another 6 inches on the ground from a previous storm, Alex, Sunny, Michael, and myself did a short warm up at the REZ and continued on our 5 mile tempo run. Armed with our Garmins and good spirits, we had a blast. Sunny seems so fit right now and she seemed to just float beside me talking away. It was so great to have her there as it made the 5 miles fly by quickly! Sunny could have easily dropped me and left me for dead. I was secretly grateful she didn’t feel like pushing herself as I was huffing and puffing. I was also surprised that she wasn’t slipping and sliding in the ice and snow. Even in my YAK TRAX, I was sliding a bit. She did slide a little on the turn around, only to save herself at the last minute.
I really enjoyed her company and enthusiasm! I am a bit bummed, however, that she is leaving for a job in Oregon this January…. At elast we can train together until then:).
Even in the snow and freezing temperatures, we were game to go run. It was a tough one today, however, Alex and Sunny made it worthwhile. Hopefully some of this snow and ice will be gone before next Friday. I would love to show them the BOW mountain loop we have from our house. It’s a killer!