This morning we had a nice group of people show up for the run group. I guess warmer temperatures and no snow is a great factor in bringing more people out.
We did our 15 minute warm-up followed by 4 x 10 minutes at tempo pace with 2 minutes easy in between. Today Sunny and I had Kerrie Wlad with us. Kerrie, despite being a little unfit, is such a tough, competitive girl. We started at the bottom of the hill at the REZ. I was breathing out of my ass. Kerrie and Sunny were chatting along. I knew I had to save my energy for my legs. I didn’t talk at all. I just focused on keeping my tempo pace at the right heart rate range. During the first ten minutes, Michael passed us and seemed to put 50 meters on us in 10 seconds. I just can never believe how fast Michael is. Running with him puts it into perspective. After the first ten minutes we did a easy 2 minute jog, regaining our breath and took off once again. During this time, I was taking inventory of how I was doing. My breath was out of control, however, my legs felt really good. My heart rate was about 155-158, which was again, pretty good. Kerrie and I pushed each other as we turned left on Neva Road. Sunny was feeling the stresses of moving and slowed a bit. Kerrie and I did a u-turn on NEVA and once again started pushing each other. She was awesome to have right there. I couldn’t cheat or let up even a little. Like I said before, Kerrie is tough!!! On the way back, we picked up Sunny again and we were keeping a great tempo…until Kerrie had to go to the porto- john….We had 2 tempo minutes left on the clock, when Kerrie had to peel off. I finished it up and turned around for Sunny. Sunny and I suffered through last one clocking 46:20 for 7 miles. Not too shappy with the 7 minutes of easy running.
Today was tough one! Thanks to those two girls for keeping it real and honest!!!