This weekend Michael and I are racing the Lonestar in Galveston, TX. For some reason I keep wanting to to call it Gravelstone, however, it is definitley Galveston.
Michael is racing the sprint on Saturday and I am racing the Quarter-man on Sunday. Freddy has been kind enough to offer to watch our doggies for the weekend…we are SO lucky to have such a good friend!
The Lovatos have been pretty busy this week. We had a photo shoot with Liz Kreutz yesterday. The shoot is intended for our sponsors and our new upcoming web pages (please stay tuned for that). We are so excited as the photos looked amazing. Not only is Elizabeth talented, but she is extremely hard working. Next week we are doing action shots with our bikes…FUN!!!!
I am really excited about my race and training gear this year. Kristin from Brand Betty has been kind enough to design my triathlon kit and I look forward to the unveiling it in St. Croix! I am so happy with the design and colors. The design totally compliments me and my personality!
Lastly, if you get a chance, check out the Scott page. Michael and I just uploaded some photos of me for them with a little bio. We haven’t put the finishing touches on it yet. As always, I am a work in progress!
Happy Training!