Well, I could not have thought of a more appropriate blog title….I’ve been off of my bike for 2/3 weeks now and I feel it. I rode 2 hrs today and I SUCK!!!!
I told my friend Terra that I would be happy to be her training bitch while she is getting ready for IM AZ. However, I am not ready for any of the big riding that she will be doing in the next few weeks. I’m not sure how much good I will be to her. After todays ride, I feel like I rode 5 hours instead of 2. I have a LONG way to go!!!!
In any case, I look forward to riding and other training with Terra. She is one of the kindest most agreeable individuals I know. I especially like her because she laughs at my off color jokes and she gets me. We have known each other for a long time and she doesn’t take me too seriously. She knows I’m moody and I’m not always perfect or happy. She is a good friend, like a sister. We sometimes yell at each other and get annoyed with one another….but we always make up. I just LOVE her. Look forward to post about our training together as well as blog posts about our infrequent spats:).