Yeah…Finally good news….

My girlfriend, Karen Holloway, is having a baby! I have known Karen and her husband, Chris, since we were in college together. Karen was a swimmer chick and I was a runner. I spent my summer trying to drop Karen on runs…I never could:)! Since those early years, we have remained great friends and she is one of my favorite training partners! I am so happy for her and Chris!!!!

My friend and old roomate, Angela, is engaged to her boyfriend Mike. They met at Las Vegas’s Interbike, 2006. They are getting married in St. Croix, after the race, this May.

I just received news from Bella Comerford that she and her sweetie, Stephan Bayliss, are engaged to be married.
Bella is one of my favorite girls. She is super sassy and competitive. She is has one of the sweetest souls and caring personalities ever. Stephen is her perfect match! I couldn’t be more happy for them!!