I have been feeling pretty crappy in the water the past few weeks. Whitney and Mary have been awesome about trying to help me “find” my stroke again, however, I just haven’t had much of a “feel” since my last bout with the flu. My stroke has just seemed “off” and I feel like my breathing is delayed or too quick…I’m not quite sure. In any case, I have been thinking to myself to just be patient and that eventually it would all come back to me.
Being tired of “being patient”, I decided that I needed to either buy a swimming book to look at some mechanics and somehow try to figure out what I wasn’t doing quite right or I needed to scout the web.
I found an article on active last night about the 10 rules of freestyle swimming. Something in there just clicked with me. Maybe it was the tip to swim like an hourglass is shaped. That’s what I kept thinking of today when I did my swim. It seemed to work. And I had the best swim in weeks for sure! My head is still doing something weird and I’m not breathing on time or I am too fast, but at least my stroke feels a lot better! I actually led the lane today…
After our swim, Michael and I had a nice walk with the doggies and then Michael did his Tuesday 10 miler. We are riding together today and when we ride together it is important for me that Michael is as tired as possible. If he isn’t too tired, he gets bored riding my speed and I, frankly, just can’t keep up when he rides his speed.
It’s super windy today, however, nothing like the Boulder winds. I find that Michael and I have gotten a bit soft with the weather and the wind. We are both nervous about going home in 2 weeks and having a spring snow storm..YIKES! We have been diligent about watching the weather forecast and it looks as though Boulder is going to have 10 days of good weather. That’s good news for all of my buddies back there. We have mixed emotions about going home. While we are excited to get into our own home again and to see Frisco (our kitty), we are really going to miss our friends here in Austin. Austin has been really good to us and we hope to come back next year!