After another long, hot, day of training, I stopped at the quickie market for another load of ice for my third ice bath of the week. This has been a big week. In fact, I believe that it has been my biggest week EVER…and that says a lot.
The gentleman behind the counter at the Quickie Market, who has gotten to know me the past few days, asked me today why I needed so much ice…I bluntly said…oh, I plan on bathing in it. He snorted and said “why on earth would you do that…is it because it’s 95 degrees? Are you just hot?” I kind of explained to him that I had been doing a lot of training this week…and that I wanted to use the ice to help my legs recover for the next big day. I also explained, while sitting there hungrily, that I felt that the ice helps reduce inflammation in my legs….blah, blah, blah. He then asked how long I had trained today and I bluntly (again) said 6 hours. At first, he thought I ran 6 hours (he was very impressed!)…then when I explained that I biked and ran a total of 6 hours, he scoffed at my 6 hours and said that when he lived in India, he would ride his bike 10 hours a day. Hmmmm.
I felt the need to ask if he still rode his bike…he said no. I knew it! Sadly, my Indian friend has become too Americanized as his girth is a bit round now. He should get back on his bike…

Anyway, while taking my third ice bath of the week, I was sitting, listening to Madoona, freezing, forcing myself to think happy thoughts…

Here are some of my thoughts from my 20 minute ice bath…
***Fred is AWESOME! Last year our friend, Fred, opened his home up to ML, me, and our two doggies for what was supposed to be 4-6 weeks. We ended up staying 4 months. ML and I insisted that Fred let us know when it was time for us to go…he never did. Fred is so generous to have opened up his home last year to us and to open it up again to me this year. Fred is awesome!

***I am so lucky to have such amazing friends here…really!
Austin has been amazing these past few months. Being here has made ML and I realize how much support and love we have from our adopted city. We have had amazing training partners, including my boys (Stefan, Todd, Squirrel, Brad, and Ashton) from what I affectionately call: the “boys ride”. Stefan is really strong. He has finished shit-tons of ironmans, including KONA several times. He has so much experience. Plus he is the perfect partner for me as he is always “battling it out” with the top pro women on race day. Stefan is the perfect gentleman on these rides. He has no ego. He can crush me at any given time on any given day. I like to sometimes “attack” Stefan while riding and he promptly puts me in my place. I know better than to mess with the German! LOL! Much RESPECT to my GERMAN Yoda!

***Speaking of training partners…I am grateful to my ever faithful, sweet, friend Terra. I have known Terra since she was 16 years old…lol! It’s kinda crazy that I have known her so long…but it’s true. She is such a sweet, generous, kind girl. I can always rely on Terra…whether it’s to meet at a certain time for a ride or run or if it’s to hang out at a coffee shop and to have some girl time. She is a true friend!
My other training partner has been Cassie. Cassie has also been a great friend for several years. No only is Cassie a great friend, but she is an amazing runner. She has been to the Olympic trials for the 5k, 10k, and the marathon. She has been generous enough to run with me for 98% of my long runs and track workouts during the time that I have been here. She has pushed me through some tough sessions with some tough love (she’s east coast;)) and a lot of encouragement. Cliff gives me KILLER run workouts…most of which I can never nail. However, after months of training with Cassie, I nailed my first Cliff run session last Thursday! YAHOO!

***Jack and Adams bike shop! These guys take such amazing care of me. In fact, I don’t think there is a bike shop owner anywhere that works as hard as Jack does. James, the best mechanic in the sport, butters up my baby contessa every few weeks. Zane gave me the PERFECT bike fit last year and he continues to help me with my need for bike fit speed! These dudes rock!

***I am so grateful to my business partner, Dan, back in Boulder. We have 4 (almost 5) deals going (together) right now. If it were not for him, I would not be able to spend this sort of time in Austin. Dan makes it possible for me to have the best of both worlds! THANK YOU DAN!

***Hiring Cliff has been the smartest decision that ML and I made this past year. His enthusiasm for the sport, his “tough as shit” workouts, his innate ability to push me when I need it and rest me when I need it have been genius!
I love that Cliff sends e-mails or calls, just when I am starting to sorta lose focus or when I start to fall wayward to the dark side. He really cares. I have so much respect for him…
ML is in shock right now because Cliff is the only coach who has actually gotten me to take ice baths…lol!

***I was really nervous about staying in Austin without my honey for 3 weeks. We spend every waking moment together. I hate being away from him. When Cliff suggested that I stay in Austin for IM CDA prep, I didn’t know if I could do it without ML. I rely on ML. He is my true love and it pains me to be away from him. After careful consideration and a few talks with Cliff, we made the decision for me to stay here. After the past 2 weeks, we know it was the right decision. ML and I talk on the phone lots, sharing what we did that day with each other. We twitter. ML loves twitter…lol! I am so grateful to my husband for being so awesome, so supportive, encouraging, and strong!

Ok…I guess that’s it for now. It’s actually time for me to go to bed!

I am leaving Austin for good this Thursday (I really am this time;)). My next stop is The REV3, where I will reunited with ML…and then back to my home, Boulder. I have had many fun times during this trip to Austin. I am going to miss all of my buddies, training partners, and new found ride routes! Hasta Ausitn ’til 2010!