I am finally feeling back to “normal”. I wouldn’t wish what I had on my worst enemy. Ugh, being a sicky is aweful. Michael is feeling a bit better, but he is about 3-4 days behind me:(. We rode for about 2 hours easy today and I was dropping him. It will probably be the LAST timet hat I ever drop him though……This time at least we were going 14 mph instead of 11mph…Good gracious! I plan on getting back into my groove tomorrow. My cough is slight now adn I am able to BREATH!!!!
Michael and I watched the marathon today with our dogs! I love this sort of shit. I can’t understand athletes who have problems watching others in athletic events. I was totally wishing I was racing…but I LOVED being able to watch all my friends! I didn’t know many of the marathoners, but I managed to see my buddy Terra out there doing the half marathon. I think this race was a little harder than the 3M a few weeks back. Terra ran about 90 sec slower….as did some of the other gals out there.
We have about 4 weeks left here in Austin. I am just so HAPPY that we are both feeling better and we will be able to get some good training in the next month or so. Michael is on the fence abbout racing Ocanside as he has been so sick…..and I’m thinking that my first race will be St. Croix. Our friend Angela is getting married the day after the race. Plus I love the feel and the atmosphere of the “islands man”.
My camera isn’t up and ready yet, however, Patt-E-Bo is eagerly awaiting his interview. Stay tuned for more fun later!
Happy Training!!!!