I can’t believe how quickly time flies! Happy New Year’s!
Last night was Michael’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that we have been married that long. We met in 1999, however, I feel like we are newly married!
We had a delicious dinner last night at the Flagstaff house (very generous gift from SPLISH…thank you so much!). Anytime we go there, it is truly a special treat! We dined on a three course meal at the 5:30 seating. The dinner could not have been any more perfect. We considered doing the 8:30 seating with he four course meal, however, I am so glad we didn’t do that. We were absolutely STUFFED!!!
After dinner we arrived at “Chad Daddy’s”, (our friend Chad’s house) for a New Years party. We played guitar hero where I did the singing. My favorite song was Celebrity Skin by HOLE. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have the nerve to do something like that. I am NOT a singer and I, believe it or not, I am shy! However, I stepped up to the plate and sang my heart out with Kitty, Ivy, and Michael.
Today, Michael and I are trying to get the house in order for our house sitter, Katie. We leave for Austin this week. I am so looking forward to 70 degree temeperatures. I don’t think we have been on our bikes for at least 2 weeks…
Dan, my business partner, comes home on the 3rd…yeah!
I’m not sure what 2008 will bring the Lovatos, however I hope to keep our tradition of lots of luck, love, adn happiness alive in the upcoming year!