I love Thanksgiving. I love everything that goes along with it, including all of the indulging foods, my friends, and my family.
This morning, my friend Angela and I did the local 5k Turkey day run. Last night I told Angela that I would run with her and it would be a “FUN RUN”. This morning was a whole different story. As we drove over to Towson, i started getting race day nerves and I said to myself: “F*ck it” I’m going to go as hard as I can and race it. Sometimes I just can’t help myelf.
I lined up with the fastest guys on the front row. (Again, a mistake, considering that this was the 2nd time I have run since IM Florida). But like I said before…you gotta go for it. I went out int he first mile in 5:28….again another mistake. It was a bit down hill, but I knew that mile 2 was a bit tougher. At mile 2, I went through in 13:05. (You can see where this is going, huh?:). I was starting to really hurt by now and my body was “rigging” (as in rigamortis). A girl came on my outside. Her name is Corey. And I actually used to personal train her when she was a sophomore in high school…yes, I feel old:). She has since graduated from the University of Maryland, class of 2006, where she ran cross country and track. Anyway, I ran with her for a bit, and I just couldn’t keep up the pace. Again, I said “F*ck it” and let her go. I finished in 19:21.
So, as one can imagine, I am fired up to start training again and to start going fast. The possibility of doing a marathon in February maybe out, as I want to focus on getting fast again. The last time I ran the turkey day 5k was about 5 years ago and I went 18 flat. GRRRR….I want to be fast!!!! RAH!!!!!
In the meatime, I will enjoy turkey, and lots of berger cookies (a maryland favorite) and think about my training tomorrow!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!