I am not much of a distance driver.  In fact, I make fun of myself, calling myself the “travel diva”.  It is no secret that I would much rather fly somewhere than drive somewhere…lol!  However, I have to admit I really enjoyed my 2 day drive home with my whippet, Blue.  I stopped only to fill the tank or to spend the night in a hotel.  The drive was a small challenge and it was incredibly cathartic.  I never thought that I would enjoy the drive, but I really did.  I enjoyed being alone, thinking, & petting Blue Dog.  Looking back, I really wish I had stopped to take a few pictures. 

I love Austin.  However, I was VERY ready to leave when it was time to go.  I have struggled with my racing and training the past few months.  I have felt like I’m out of sync with my preparation and taper for races.  I’ve been going into races not feeling 100 percent and I have had to cancel two races this year.  Last year was very different.  I was on a roll, having some of the best training and racing of my career.  Last year I didn’t want to leave Austin.

Now that I am back in Boulder, back at home, back with ML and my dogs (and Frisco), I am looking forward to getting back to the basics.  I’m looking forward to training with some of my favorite training partners and I am looking forward to a fresh start.

Let the good times begin!