Happy Wife, Happy Life.

If you are a married man and you have heard this phrase, then you know what I am talking about. If you are not married and want to get married some day, I suggest that you read this post carefully.

Last night Michael and I decided to go to a party on the east side of town. Jack, owner of Jack and Adams Bike shop here in Austin, invited us. We were excited about going out with our friends, and we were very excited to eat!! We were hungry as we had been training all day long. Jack promised that there would be good, healthy food at the party. As we drove to the party, we took a few wrong turns. I could feel my hunger accelerate. I was starting to get hungry in the worst possible way. I could feel my mood switch from happy and excited to grumpy. I made a game plan with Michael: Food first, socializing second. Michael called Jack again to make sure there was food available. Jack assured Michael that there was PLENTY of great food and that we would not be disappointed. I thought to myself…ok good. If I don’t eat soon, I’m going to turn into a raging crazy person! As we parked and arrived at the party, Michael deflected all people trying to talk to me as I mad a beeline for the buffet. As I arrived at the buffet, I could feel the flames rip out of my eyeballs when I saw a few random grapes, some meatballs and some cous-cous salad. I thought to myslef, I’m going to KILL JACK!!! I grabbed some cous cous salad and I informed Michael that if we didn’t get proper food imediately, that there was going to be a breakdown. I could feel the heat in my face and the tears about to flow. I was f-ing starving and there wasn’t any food!!! Michael, in the old days, would have tried to talk me into staying for an hour, forcing me to talk to people, and then go out to eat. However, through trial and error, he knows that approach doesn’t work to his advantage. The new, brilliant Michael immediately escorted me out of the building threw my ass in the car and took me to Whole Foods to get some proper food. On our way out, he called Jack to inform him of our new plan. Jack had no clue. He thought meatballs would be the perfect meal for me. After getting our food, Michael and I talked about our friend Jack. You see, Jack can eat 2 sugar packs and be completely happy. Jacks eats everything and anything. Thus our new name for Jack: Sugar pack Jack was born. After we ate some good food, Michael and I returned to the party, socialized with all of our friends, and had the most amazing time. In the “old days” Michael would have talked me into staying, socializing for an hour, and not being able to eat, I would have been an angry wife. Michael is a smart man and he knows that when I am a happy woman, his life is awesome!
Single men, take note!