Well, I am home…without my drivers license that I somehow lost between Spokane and Boulder, but I am home.

Being a spectator is exhausting! I have a few big training and work days ahead of me before I leave for West Virginia Thursday. However, I hope to give you my point of view of the race tomorrow.

All I can say now for now is that Michael is my HERO! He really struggled out there. And it is extremely hard to watch someone that you love hurt so much. Michael prevailed with third place despite have a party in his pants (Severe GI issues). There were times during the race that I thought ML was going to win as he was withing 90 seconds of Tom. And there were times that I thought Michael was going to have to walk or crawl 6 miles home. (ML has NEVER DNF’d a race…ever). However, that is why Ironman racing is so special. There are so many emotional ups and downs during the day. And unfortuantley, it just doesn’t matter how hard you have worked or how great of shape you are in. What matters is who executed the race the smartest. Despite finishing 21 ironmans, ML learned a lot on race day. And now he will take that new experience to KONA this year and implement that new knowledge.

A huge congrats goes out to Tom and Victor. (ML and I have a special spot in our hearts for Victor. He is a CLASS act guy). Those guys totally deserved being great on Sunday!

Lastly, congratulations to GG and Kerrie and Miranda for having stellar races….and a shout out to my buddy Alex, who struggled out there…but finished! I respect your efforts more than you will ever know!