Michael and I have been really enjoying masters workout at UT. The pools are absolutely gorgeous and the amount of people in the lanes are extremely manageable. I have really enjoyed getting to know my lane mates too.
Yesterday at the early time of 6:30, still having sand in my eyes and not feeling very perky, I was ready to swim. My swim has been coming along the past few weeks and I am starting to get a feel for the water again. However, I always feel guilty at swim workout especially when I see people like Lisa Prieg and Terra Castro. They are always so cheerful in the morning and so happy. I feel like the old grump woman! The good side of this is that by the middle of workout, my body and mind start to wake up and I somehow get out of my morning funk. I always consider it a good thing that not everyone is like me or else there might be conflict
In any case, I had a very pleasurable swim.
On the other side of the pool, however, there were a few issues. I am glad to say that I wasn’t a part of it for a change. Two women in a faster lane started calling each other bitches and started slinging a couple of F-U’s! EE-GADS! I’m not sure what exactly the issue was, however, Pat Evoe was in the lane and he was scared! The swim coach was Tyler this morning. He ended up having to separate the women using the diving pool for the fastest lane. That is a luxury of having a great swim facility.
So I guess I spoke too soon when I was singing the praises of harmony in the pool. I guess the harmony is in the “not as fast area” where most of the happy people (I’m not one of them) swim. Thank god for morning people who are HAPPY!!!!