During my race yesterday, I thought of what I would say as my BLOG race report. Because I was out there for about 2 plus more hours than I expected, I had lots of time to think about it and reflect on it.
I knew that during my taper I wasn’t feeling like I usually do. I raced California two weeks ago and during that race I had weird calf cramping. I figured that it was a freek thing that was set off by horomones or changing weather or whatever. After the race, I had a IV and felt good for about two days. I had glimmers of feeling energized and feeling punchy, but never fully felt “good”. I trusted my taper and went into IM AZ optimistic and with positive feelings, however, I knew in my heart that something wasn’t right.
I started the swim and I was immediately dropped. I was all by myself and as I finished, I realized that I was 6 minutes down from “my group”. I am ususally 8 minutes down from the leaders. Yesterday, I was down by 15 minutes! I thought, “well, I will feel better on the bike”.
I started the bike being optimistic. Every pedal stroke hurt and burned my quads. I didn’t have any turn over at all and my legs were cramping once again. I think I took about 25 salt tabs on the bike. This is an unusal amount of salt for me as I don’t need that much. As I came into transition 2, I laid down in the tent and contemplated not going out. I talked to my friend Tsasha, who was the transition volunteer, had some water, as I tried to gather myself.
As soon as I took my first run step, I knew that something wasn’t right with me. However, I remebered my DNF at IM Wisconsin, and the feeling that I had after that race. The disapointment was so great, I was depressed. I never want that feeling ever again. I ventured off for my run and by mile 7, I was laying under a bridge with my quads cramping so badly, I couldn’t move. I managed to get some soup and pretzel sticks and immediately felt better. I started to run again. By mile 9, I was walking again. My thought was at least I am moving forward…I stopped after the first loop and was able to talk to my friend Kerri. I was crying at this point, because I just didn’t think i could finish. She gave me a stern talking to and sent me on my way. I managed to finish the run in 4 hrs 46 minutes. It was my worst marathon by far, however, finishing was my proudest moment.
Now that the race is over, I have made arrangement to see a doctor when I get home. I had a phone consulation this morning and she seems to think that I may have a mineral imbalance…who knows…but I plan on getting some tests done to figure out what the problem is.
Thanks to all my sponors, SPLISH (for the most gorgeous outfits ever), Boulder Running company, Inside Out sports, Tri Scotsdale, Vision, Oakley, and Blue Seventy wetsuits, who support me in all my races!
Thanks for reading!