Today I had a “friendly” reminder that I needed to update my blog.
I haven’t really had anything to write about lately. I mostly use this blog to rant, do a race report, or talk about my farts or shits. I haven’t had any issues lately…I guess that’s a good thing. I thought momentarily about writing about “tools”…you know the 40-50 year old men that apparently have small wieners passing you on their bikes with their see-through shorts, not saying a word to you…and then they end up blowing their wad half way up to Jamestown and you pass them whilst they try to sit on your wheel…Haha! Boulder is full of these guys!
In any case, I thought the “tool” topic was too boring…after all, I’m sure I have written about it before…
ML is packing for IM AZ right now:(. This past month we have been like passing ships in the night…first with him going to work IM Florida for about 9 days, then me leaving for Silverman/Madonna for a few days….
So this trip I plan on going to IM AZ partially to be with Michael and partially to watch Mer in her last Ironman (at least for a very long while).
This brings me to today’s topic….And while I do not usually talk about other people as they seem to sometimes get offended or embarrassed, I feel the need, however, to talk about…
I have been coaching Meredith for two years now. I have watched Meredith go from being a 91/2minute miler to a solid 8-81/2 minute miler. I love coaching her. If I tell her to do a workout, she does it with conviction! Meredith has grown to trust me and my opinions even though there is always someone whispering in her ear to do something else. :) The gamble has paid off. She has improved ten-fold and I fully expect her to have a great Ironman this weekend.
Not only have I loved coaching Mer these past two years because of her work ethic and drive to succeed, but I have grown to love her as a person too. For me to coach effectively, I feel the need to get to know the person. I need to know what they like, what they don’t like. I need to know what sort of schedule they have. For example: Do they have children or a full time job. Or can the athlete train like a pro??
Sometimes my need to know the athlete grows into an incredible friendship…which is the case with Mer. Mer and I talk every week, sometimes up to or more than 3-5 times. Sometimes we talk about training, however, we discuss everything from her husband, to my husband, our dogs, babies, training plans, time off, heart rate, races, etc…you name it!
Ironman is an incredible journey for an athlete. The amount of time, energy, and emotion an athlete puts into racing is hard to imagine.
As I watch Meredith race this, her final (for a while), Ironman this weekend, it will mark an incredible journey for me too. Being a part of her journey has given me so much pride and an incredible amount of fulfillment. I promise you that I will be shedding tears of joy when Mike Reilly tells Mer for the second time that she is an Ironman! :)