I’m back from AZ. It’s was a short trip, however, very exhausting! It seemed as though time whizzed by! I didn’t get any video coverage…or pictures…sorry:(.

I have to admit, I really enjoy going to races to “hang out”. I get to see a lot of my buddies without the stress of racing…I hung out in the VIP tent, eating lots of candy, hoarding it from the real VIP’s..haha!, but I really have a fun time!!!

On race day, I didn’t pay much attention to the pros (which is probably the first time ever). After all it was all about Meredith! Meredith had a great race! She had an incredible swim, a super fast bike, and a PR on her run. She exceeded my expectations on everything!!!! It was only after the race that I told her what my goals were for her, which were: 1:04-1:06 on the swim (she swam 1:02). My goal for her on the bike was 5:30-6 hrs depending on the harsh winds in Tempe (She went 5:30). And lastly I knew that if she had the perfect run, she could go as fast as 3:45. She stayed in the goal bracket, running 4:09. She had a few tummy problems on the run, but she was able to keep it together and keep pushing herself. I have to admit a part of me sort of sank a little when she said that she that she was bloated…ugh (I know how that feels!)…However, I kept it together, trying to not get sad for her, and I told her that she needed to go back to basics…which means salt and sugar. Luckily she is a lot like ML and she is able to still process the food even when she is getting a sick belly.
(Side note: As soon as I told Mer what to do, I started to question what I told Meredith. I called ML after I saw her suffering. His advice was the opposite of mine…he wanted her to STOP EATING for at least two miles. I made sure that I told Dave, Mer’s husband to relay the message. Dave was awesome, running around the course and being the best sherpa and messager! It’s funny how ML and I work….ML was giving advice like he would give to me and I was giving Mer advice like I would tell ML…funny!) Anyway, the sugar worked and she was still able to push. I was so impressed with Mer!

Meredith finished with a huge 40 minute PR of 10hrs 51 minutes. Dave, her husband, was at the finish line to put her medal around her neck. It was such a cool moment for me. I was so happy, proud, and excited for Meredith! Seeing all of her family members and her friends be so excited for her and be so supportive was such an amazingly intense (in a good way) moment. I don’t think I have ever had a family member (besides ML) watch me race an Ironman. And I love the fact that she has all of these people rooting for her… I guess it really hit home when I saw her sister, Trinette crying for joy…I love that!

After the race, Meredith went home with her family. I went home to the condo. And even though I didn’t race, I was in bed by 7:30…and I didn’t get up until 7:50 the next day…and even though I didn’t race, I was exhausted:)!

Meredith and I recapped her race the next day over a coffee and a bagel. I love the fact that she is over the moon about her race…although there is always a “what if” or “I should have done that” as no ironman is ever perfect…

After our little meeting, I told her that she has one more thing that she has to do for me, as she is taking a little time off from training in order to try to start having a family…she has to find a girl just like her for me to coach as she has has been my dream athlete! She has worked so incredibly hard and she has made me feel so fulfilled as a coach. However, the coolest thing that has happened is that she has become my friend…which I will cherish forever:)!