Dear family, friends, sponsors, and blog readers,

As all of my regular blog readers already know, I have been experiencing tachycardia (rapid heart rate) during my races. I have never experienced this in training, but on race day I have had these episodes last for 5 minutes and for 40 minutes. During these episodes, my heart rate shoots up to 198 to 210 beats per minute.

Today, after running five miles at a comfortable pace, with an appropriate heart rate, my heart rate shot up for over minutes. When Michael found out this was happening, he altered the medical team on course, and they met me just past the mile nine marker. After stopping and standing still for a few minutes, the heart rate actually increased. The medical team pulled me off the course, and drove me to the medical tent at the finish line. Michael rode along with me, as I was scared.

Arriving at the med tent, I began to hyperventilate, as I was not getting enough blood flow, and I was a bit panicked. A team of medical staff carried me into the tent, where they were able to calm me, warm me, and comfort me. My heart rate finally fell to 100 bpm, after one long hour.

We consulted with Dr PZ Pearce, the medical director, who gave us two possible diagnoses, and asked us to contact him Monday to help determine our plan of action.

I am OK. I am not sad, but I am very disappointed that my race ended prematurely. However, this is something that I have to take care of, as I am not willing to compromise my health or risk my life to finish an Ironman.

Thank you for all of your support, and thanks for checking in.

I will be back!