I’m home…I’m back…I’m recovering from the CEC training camp that was held in Tucson.

As I sit and reflect on the past two weeks of training, I have some really awesome memories. I can not say enough great things about “camp”. Being able to train with Cliff and the rest of the CEC athletes (and Terra), having Cliff see us in person, and how we train was really good for us. I think we change as people and as athletes from year to year. Not only do we need different things on a physical level, we need different workouts to help us mentally. It is natural to need new things structured into our programs. Being able to get one on one attention from Cliff was excellent as Cliff is very strong at assessing what we need as athletes.

One of the other aspects of camp that I enjoyed was the camaraderie that we had as athletes. I love training in a group environment. I thrive on it. I love going to workout, a bit nervous, a bit tired, a bit sore, pulling everything that I have from the deepest part of me to give all that I had on that day. Camp was hard! We did a ton of volume with a bit of intensity thrown in. There were days that I got my ass handed to me. There were days that I did the ass kicking. However, what I loved the most was the killer instinct and encouragement from each of the the athletes during each workout. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Wassners better. We were lucky enough to stay together at Casa Sam McGlone. We ate together, trained together, shared opinions, insights, etc. I got the opportunity to get to know them outside the sport. And I feel so lucky to have gotten to know them. My roommate was one of my dearest friends, Kim Loeffler (KL1). Kim and I have been racing each other since our early amateur days in 1998. While we have gotten closer over the past few years, and while we have always had a mutual respect for one another, Kim and I gained a stronger bond by rooming with each other…we laughed a lot!!! Although, I will admit that there were a couple of nights that Kim wanted to move out of our room due to my highly toxic farts…lol!

Here I will share a few random thoughts about my time at camp:
I made the mistake of coming to camp a bit tired and a bit sore. I decided to try to kill myself with the training the week after Pucon. It seems as though I have become a bit addicted to the tiredness and soreness that training gives me. I can’t seem to get enough of it lately…lol! In any case, I do not recommend ever going to a training camp sore or tired and I will make sure that I don’t make that mistake ever again…

Cliff didn’t throw anything outlandish or out of the ordinary at us. Camp consisted of 5 days of swimming, 5 days of riding, and 5 days of running (each week). Everyday we met up as a group. Everyday we pushed each other. Cliff sagged our longest ride of the week. He coached us during our swim sessions and our track/fast running sessions. It was invaluable having him there, motivating us and pushing us.

I would say that the coolest and most special thing about camp was the camaraderie. While we will probably have more camps in the future, we won’t ever be able to replicate the the people, the setting, or the group of this particular camp. It’s likely that the next time we have one, the group will differ in some way, shape or form…

I’m home now, recovering. During camp I reached pretty far, each day, to get the best out of myself. Upon arriving home, I took two complete days off and this week I am gradually getting back into the swing of things. In the meantime, I am sending fast energy to my camp roommates, Laurel, Sam and Kim. Laurel and Sam are racing the Dessert Duathlon this weekend. I hope they rock it!!! Kim is racing IM New Zealand next week…If she races anything like she trained during our camp, she will impress a few folks!
Go FAST!!!