….I’ve just been very, very sick!

I think I am at the tail end of this upper respiratory disease…cough…cough!

I talked to Kerrie the other day after a run workout (Wendesday). My legs were shot and my workout sucked. I needed a little insight and a little pep talk. Kerrie is great with me. She is careful not put her opinions on me and she never tells me what to do. (I hate that). In any case, as I was listening to myself talk, I thought to myself, maybe I just need a day off. My legs were throbbing and achy. I just really felt like CRAPOLA! So the plan was to take Thursday off. However, I woke u p at 3 in the morning and just couldn’t go back to sleep. My body and mind were in overdrive and I didn’t want to just lie there. So I went to 6:30 workout. Michael said to me that he thought this was a day off. I told him yes, it would have been if I could sleep. In any case, I went to swim workout and swam really, really well. I figured that since I swam well I should just train today. After the swim, I did a slow easy run with Cassie and the dogs and a easy 2 hour bike ride with Michael. Everything was going ok until the bike ride, when my body started to rebel. My eyes were red and itchy and my throat was scratchy. My legs were achy all over again. I had a tremendous amount of caffeine coursing through my veins and it wasn’t helping me feel any better. The caffeine only succeeded to give me the shakes.
I talked to Dave Scott that afternoon and he suggested that I take friday off and that I may be a bit overtrained and I might just need a little break. It’s hard to do it as the days here have been so beautiful. I woke up Friday knowing that taking a day off was imperative. My legs were, again, throbbing and achy. However, now I had a cough. I thought…shit…I’m sick again….
So I spent the day in bed on Friday thinking I would be better on Saturday…no dice. Saturday I laid in my own sweat, getting hot and then cold, in delerium all day long. I had a bad fever. Walking to the bathroom was a struggle. I went in and out of sleep all day long. I mostly woke up when Luna would bark. I was too weak to even yell at Luna. I just pleaded with her to be quite. In the meantime, Michael was out with the boys for a hard training day. He arrived home at 5pm. Thankfully he took Luna away for a walk. I needed some peace.
This morning, I am feeling strong enough for a shower and maybe a dog walk. I hope to be able to train light tomorrow…but I’m not pushing it. The ATT half is out for next weekend. I have decided to not race it as my system is just too weak and I don’t want to take the chance of getting sick…again…grrrrr….In the meantime, I just need to focus on getting better:)

Final note: It has been reported that Pat-E-Bo has shaved his sideburns!