While in my naturopath’s office the other day, I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of reading before my consultation regarding my gallbladder. Because Dr. Steve has a real passion for athletics there are always good magazines or newspaper clippings in the office. One of the clippings that I read was about swimmer, Dara Torres. Dara is 40 years old, a mother of two children, and a 4 time Olympian. She has been under a cloud of suspicion for EPO in recent years and was not afraid to talk about it in her article. She is drug tested 6 times a year with urine and she has 3 blood tests a year to prove to her competitors that she is not a drug user. She is a self proclaimed exercise fanatic and she is determined to go to the Olympics in 2008. She has a dietician, a weight coach, a sprint coach, and a swim coach. She gets regular massage two times a week as well as stretching for 90 minutes at a time each day. She has a nanny and a very supportive boyfriend who is in her arsenal of support. Dara spends 100,000 dollars a year to pay for all of her coaches/nanny’s/support.
I thought to myself…WOW…That is a lot of money…..what does Dara have left to prove? She is a mother of two, she has already been to the Olympics 4 times. I’m not sure how many medals she has, but I know she at least has one gold medal. One would think that it was enough. But her passion for swimming and her competitive drive keep her focused and driven. And then I started thinking about Dave Scott. Dave is 53 years old and he wants to race KONA in 2008. Unless something changes with Dave, I don’t think he will be racing age group. He will be lining up right beside Michael and the rest of the pro men. Dave has won KONA 6 times. He is the most driven individual I know. And even at 53 years young, he will not only finish the race, I believe he will be in the top 2o men, given he races injury free. Unlike Dara, however, Dave does not spend any where close to 100k on massage, coaches, physical therapy, etc. Again, I think what does Dave have to prove? He has 3 beautiful children and a career that he need to be focused on in order to eat and support his children that are now on their way to college.
The fact of the matter is that the drive to compete is deep inside of athletes. I know that after my college career as a runner ended, I was depressed and I felt like something was just “missing”. I feel blessed to have found triathlon and the people in it that support me and encourage me through the good races, bad races, and cold winters!
When I read about Dara, I was inspired to better myself. I was inspired to do everything that I can possible do to make myself a better athlete. These things include getting more regular massage, seeing Dr. Steve on a regular basis and not only when my stomach hurts, and yes…even doing YOGA….