Laura Tingle interviewed me last night for her blog with Team Timex.
I’d though I’d share my interview with you.

The Friday Night Special
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So, I have a lot of time on my hands now….too much time. All of this time has caused me to do something I generally try to avoid, thinking. While doing some “thinking” today, I decided this blog needs some excitement, especially now that the race reports will be slowing to a trickle. Living in Boulder, I have made some interesting friends, and by interesting, I mean FAST. I decided to post a weekly interview with these interesting folks. To start with, I interviewed Amanda Lovato….

LT: Do you ever feel like your athletic accomplishments are overlooked, because people are so focused on your looks? Kinda like how people dont realize that Brad Pitt is a great actor, because they cant see past his super hot bod.
AL: Considering that I raced three ironman races that did not go as I would have hoped this year, I want to be noted for something. And if that “something” happens to be the VISION ad that I was in or my skimpy SPLISH suits or my apperance at races, I’m ok with that. Even if my race doesn’t go well, at least people think I look good!

LT: Have you ever been arrested? Feel free to elaborate.
AL: Yep. I was arrested in June of 1990. I had just finished my senior year of high school and a bunch of us girls went to “beach week” in Ocean City, MD. Being 17 years old and “free”, we got ourselves in some trouble. To make a long story short, I punched someone and got arrested for asault and battery. If you ever want the full story on how I was booked and how my dad had to drive 3.5 hours to bail me out, call me.

LT: If you had to live your life as a legume, which would you be? (I will save you the time of looking up “legume,” that means a plant of the ‘pod family’, veggies, beans…I know, because I just used
AL: I think Green Beans are cool.

LT: If you could put an Ironman race in a new location, where would it be?
AL: I would love to do one in my home state of Maryland. I think of Maryland as “little America”. It has mountains and the ocean. I have often thought of how cool it would be to have an ironman in St. Mary’s County, Maryland (Solomons Island, St. Mary’s City). The terrain is rolling and not too tough. The scenery is beautiful. There are great places to swim and I think the community would love to have an event like that. Maybe I’ll talk to Graham about it….. Eagleman is not a great example of how beautiful Maryland is.

LT: Would you rather have a pet squirrel, monkey or penguin?
AL: I like my dogs and Frisco (my oversized cat) the best, however, if I have to choose from the above mentioned, I’d like to have a penguin.

LT: Have you ever hit a prairie dog while riding your bike?
AL: Thank god…no!
Although, I do think about the little critters when I have been prairie doggin’ it on a ride/ run…..

LT: Anything else you would like to add?
AL: Michael and I met at Worlds in Montreal 1999. We had one wild night and have been together ever since….

LT:Thank you, that is all of the questions I have at this time.