I’m not complaining!!!!  My legs are trashed.  I am constantly HUNGRY!!!!  And it’s 10 degrees in Boulder right now.  I couldn’t be happier with our decision to come to Austin.  Not only are we getting our asses in shape, but I think the change of scenery has been good for all four of us.

This morning Michael and I slept in until 7:30.  We decided  to forgo the morning swim at UT as we had our first consistent week of training here in Austin….both of us are tired.
Richie Cunningham arrived at Fred’s international house of athletes last week.  It’s awesome to see Richie again and hang out with him as we have known him since 2005.  Richie and I are kindred spirits.  We both say what we mean and mean what we say.  There isn’t any bullshit with Richie.  His temper is a little more firey than mine, but he is a loyal, kind hearted guy….not to mention he is an incredible athlete competing in the 70.3 series races as well as ITU.  I think Michael is excited to do a lot of training with him in the next week or so…
We’ve really enjoyed swimming masters at UT.  Whitney Hedgepath (sp) is the coach.   She doesn’t put up with any shit.  And for what ever reason there isn’t any fighting in the pool amongst the swimmers.  It could have to do with the fact that there are several lanes for swimmers to choose from.  No one is forced to  swim on top of each other and everyone is seems to be swimming in their capable lane.   Plus about every other morning we swim long course meters (eegads!!!)  I guess my favorite part of the practice is when it’s over:).  I’ve had the opportunity to watch the REAL swimmers (you know, the kind of swimmers with Olympic rings on their hip) before and during their practice.  Michael and I have been watching in awe. Another favorite time for me was watching the 9 and 10 year old kids swimming on top of each other while warming up for their swim meet.  I have never seen anything more cute than that!!
In any case, it’s been a pleasure for us to be able to swim at such an incredible facility!
The running here has been incredible.  We have a saying in Boulder:  Sea Level is for Sissies. Guess what?  I am a BIG sissy!  I am loving being at sea level.  My recovery has been better.  And the amount of effort has been much more significant.  If anything, mentally it has been really good for me to be able to go hard and fast and not feel like I am breathing out of my ass.  It’s amazing how much faster I can go without feeling like I’m going to pass out.  Going back to Boulder is going to suck as I am going to have to get reacclimated.  I’m not going to think about that right now….
I’ve been able to find really great training partners here.  I’ve mostly been riding and running with Richie, Michael, Fred, and Terra.  I’ve been out of my comfort zone for a majority of my rides which is good for me.  It kind of sucks right now as I am trying to get my ass in shape.  I’m trying to stay positive as I know my fitness will take a turn hopefully soon:).
Blue dog and Luna are doing great.  They’ve really enjoyed being able to run along Town Lake and I have really enjoyed not having to worry about coyotes.  I think Blue loves the cool weather here.  He is like a puppy running as hard and as fast as he can chasing squirrels and balls.
It’s been an amazing trip so far and I look forward to sharing more of our adventures!!!!