It’s a snow day!

Check out Mr. Frisk:

Michael shoveled a little tunnel for him and the dogs…They love looking over our deck.

Snow day!

16 inches of snow and it’s still coming down!!!

Still Snowing!!

What does that mean for Team Lovato?

Indoor training: Luna and Woody

It means that today is an indoor training day.

Our Kestrels powered by CycleOps are ready to rumble!

Here is a picture of our Kestrels powered by CycleOps Power. I love having this little set up in our garage.

Check out my cute husband actually enjoying himself on a treadmill…who would have ever thought??

Five years ago, you would have not caught me (or ML) dead running on a treadmill. I was such a running purist. However, my opinion changed after being coached by Cliff English for two years who prescribed a bit of treadmill running. While I resisted at first, I realized a few benefits pretty quickly! And I have to say, the Woodway treadmill is the absolute BEST treadmill that I have ever run on. It has the most natural running surface and is extremely smooth! I would also like to add that I am NOT sponsored by Woodway. ML and I purchased this treadmill through e-bay, refurbished.

We are so happy with our little home gym in our garage. It should keep us from getting too antsy through the winter months, especially since we plan on staying in Boulder this year!