Ok…So we have been here a total of four days and we have never been happier or more giddy. We just love the big island and I especially LOVE being warm:). However, what I think we love the most is seeing our friends. Some of the folks that we are seeing here, we only get to see at races…however, being in the sport for ten years, we have made some amazing bonds!

This morning Michael and I did a nice swim in the ocean. I had a lesson with Karlyn (www.aquaticedge.org) a few days ago in her HUGE endless pool with mirrors everywhere…(I’m not entirely convinced that I liked the mirrors..haha:). In any case, in only a short time, she did wonders for my stroke. Siri made me STRONG this summer. And Karlyn has tweaked my stroke to make me “look like a swimmer”. In any case, I was able to swim on ML’s feet this morning…YES!!!! Michael was amazed. Usually I can’t swim on his feet unless I am tapered and he is flogged. In this case, I guess I am pretty tapered, however, he is too:)! Kerrie! You should get a lesson while you are here. It is SO worth it!!! I am so loving Karlyn right now!

After our swim , I saw a lot of my buddies! YEAH! I wish I had a bunch of pictures, however, I did manage to get a few. (I’ll share when I have a better connection…I also have video coverage).

ML and I then decided to do a little ride. The plan was for ML to drive to Hawi, hide the keys for me, and ride back home (about 57 miles). My plan was to ride up to Hawi and grab the car, and come back home so that ML could make his 2:30 massage appointment. It was the perfect set up! We managed just fine!

I loved every minute of my ride. I thought about a lot of stuff. Including the notion of wanting to come back to KONA to race. Maybe next year. The last time that I qualified was 2006, however, I gave up my slot because I wanted to support ML. I felt that he had a better shot of doing well, than I did. However, I am feeling the urge to come back and I feel like my GI issues are on the right track. A year is a long time, however…and anything can happen. My feelings may change, however, again:).

The other thing that I thought about is how excited I am to be training again. I am loving my training program and I am loving the fact that ML and I have employed Cliff English to help build my programs. Cliff is rad…Why? Well, first of all, Cliff can answer my questions with intelligent answers. He doesn’t just give me workouts…he understands the principals behind the workouts! And…I don’t feel like I know more than he does…very important! Secondly, Cliff is a SMART dude. He has studied the shit out of the sport and he understands it. Not only does he understand the techy, book side, but he understands the emotional side as well. Lastly, Cliff is excited to coach me. He isn’t over the top busy and he seems excited to get to know me and my needs. He has confidence in me. He calls me any time of the day, including non-business hours. He has offered to ride his bike with me to see how I ride. And he has offered to watch me swim. I feel better than ever about our decision and I am stoked! No more coaching turmoil!

In other news, I have to say, the masses of people have arrived! There are TONS of people out there today riding, running, swimming. M and I both remarked how shocked we were to see so many people riding. In fact, it almost felt like race day! CRAZY!

At this point, I feel like a slug. I’ve gained about 5 or 6 pounds since racing Wisconsin…which I’m fine with (and I know Theresa and Angela will be happy about that!…thanks for the berger cookies, girls!), however, it doesn’t help me that I am completely out of shape. I was passed by a 60year old grandma today…Good lord… Oh well, I gotta let go of the ego:)! The fitness will come back…all in good time! I just want my ABS back! Whine, whine! Is that how you spell that??? Oh who cares!

Pictures and video to follow!