….An awesome deep tissue, sports massage therapist!

We are so spoiled in Boulder. There are incredible massage therapist around every corner. In fact, we have a saying in Boulder: if your profession isn’t being a realtor, then it’s being a massage therapist. There is a lot of competition out there. Finding someone who really cares about their job and who is good at it, isn’t difficult.
I am happy to say that Michael and I have have had some incredible people work on us down here. However, Lisa’s work is the closest that we have found that we are used to in Boulder. She knows each and every muscle and she knows when too hard is too hard:) (I’m sometimes a wimp!). She loves her job as a massage therapist and takes great pride in her work….as she should….she is excellent!

I just hope she can fit me in again. After my massage today, I asked if I could see her next week…All booked up until the 26th…oh no! Hopefully we can figure soemthing out…
If you live in the Austin area and are looking for an amazing massage therapist, I encourage you to look up Lisa.
I won’t give you her number, however, I will give you her workplace: Performace Wellness.