Everything was super smooth as we arrived in Lubbock after a full day of driving on Thursday. Our dogs were very happy to get to our hotel and we were very happy to get settled in as well. We had planned on running and or riding after we arrived, however, the rain was absolutely incredible. Michael and I wondered how this could be Lubbock. In previous years, Lubbock had been incredibly hot and dry.
Michael braved the lightning and rain and decided to run. I decided to watch TV instead:).
Friday was unusually cool for Texas. We went out to the Ransom Canyon to take a look at the race venue. We did a short run and swim (with the dogs) and then went out to take a look at the hills out on the course. It was everything that I had remembered when I raced there 4 years before….TOUGH! Being a complete chicken, I decided to practice the downhills. It is so important for me to completely confident on race day when going downhill.
Fridy night was the VIP party. The VIP party is a chance for all of the pros to meet the sponsors of the race. I was a great opportunity for all of us to see each other again and to meet some new friends.
Saturday was super easy. We ran with our dogs and did a little swim and again went out to the two major descents that I was concerned with. After feeling secure with the downhills, we went to the always entertaining pro meeting to get briefed on the course. Time just flew by on Saturday and suddnely we found ourselves at 6pm without eating yet. We found this really great Italian restaurant called Stellas and had a nice meal.
Saturday was so incredibly stessful. Michael’s mom and sister were upset with us for not calling and telling them that we were eating and then we had to deal with my friend Kim calling us to tell us that our entire downstairs, including our garage, living room, and spare bedroom, had flooded due to hail damage. GREAT!!! That was just the perfect news that we needed to hear before a race. Oh well…We just tried to put it out of our heads and get on with our prepartation for Sundays race.
Sunday morning we arrived to the race venue at 5:30. We did the usual of getting our bikes racked and doing our pre race warm-up. It was also important for us to make sure that I found my friend Debbie. Debbie is a friend of mine that loves our dogs a lot and she was kind enough to take them for the race so that I could finish with them. As soon as I found Debbie and the dog hand off was complete, i felt at ease and ready to race.
It seemed like it was no time at all before we were getting lined up for the swim. As soon as the gun went off, I was off like a shot. I swam as hard as I could until I settled in with my group and I stuck with them until the the end of the swim. I feel like I was through transition pretty quickly and I was off on my bike. My new bike position felt really good and I especially felt good on the flats. I seemed to struggle a bit with the up hills,(probably due to fitness) however, I was glad to have practiced all of the descending! I am looking forward to getting some good rides in on the peak to peak this summer and working on my power up in the canyons.
As I got off my bike and started the run, I was with my friend Sunny from Boulder. She was off like a shot on the first 2 miles of the run. I couldn’t keep up with her. I was breathing so hard and I kept thinking be patient! Patience was my friend and I finally caught up to her at about the 3 mile mark. My legs felt really good and really fresh. I wasn’t sure how long this feeling would last, but I tried to take advantage of it as long as I could. As I climbed the 2nd hill, I could see where everyone was. Natasha and Desiree were so far ahead. There was no way on earth I could get them. They both looked so smooth. Heather was just amazing on her run and considering she had passed me at mile 1, there was no chance of catching her. I saw Andrea ahead of me and wasn’t sure what sort of day she was having. I just kept my steady pace and hoped for the best…maybe I would catch her. I managed to catch her at the 6 or 7 mile mark…I can’t remember. I really like Andrea and I wanted her to stay strong and keep her 5th place position. I tried to say something encouraging but at the same time I wanted to run away from her. I was really excited when I came to the 10 mile mark and saw 68 minutes on my watch. I was happy to be almost home! At that point, I still felt great and I was still in 4th place! As I ran with 2 miles to go, I felt everything just rig up. I felt like I was running backwards. This sometimes happens to me. I knew that Andrea wasn’t that far behind me. I was running scared now! I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and I hoped for the best….As I finally saw the finish line, I saw my doggies with my friend Debbie. I was so excited to see them. Debbie passed them to me and we all finished together. Luna was the most excited with all of the cheers! I can’t wait to see those pictures! I will definitly share them when I get them:)
In the meantime, here are some photos of the pre-race stuff. It’s nothing too exciting, however, I know that people enjoy them.
In the meantime, Michael and I are busy at home with our flooded house. It looks like it is going to take at leat 4 weeks to clean up. Our house is a mess and we don’t have hot water or A/C yet. I will also share those photos